Crazy Things That Only Happens in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with never ending stunning landscapes, charismatic mountains and mesmerizing lakes. As country, Nepalese people are also very well known for their culture, tradition and all of above, for their extreme craziness.

Here are few crazy things that only happens in Nepal. 😀


A photo posted by MHN (@b4anjan) on


Utilizing free time ! 😀
Teacher at work.



Don’t worry, there ain’t  traffic rules for me.




Who cares ? 




Are you drunk ? We are here for you 😀


Looks like facebook’s new business. 

Facebook's bus for Nepalese people ;)


Do you need discount ?


Where there is money, there is corruption 😉 



Entertainment > Education



Seats are always available.

There ain't no people on the micro.


There are many more crazy things which usually happens in Nepal. Please do share some of the craziness with us on comments.  🙂

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