Yes, I voted. My First Election.

7 in the morning, there was a knock on my door. My dad asked me to wake up, so we could go to cast our vote. It was the Election day.

I got ready, took the slip that would get me the voting card. I and my dad left the house, as we walked across the street, it seemed quiet and peaceful. There were no vehicles running on the road, we could walk anywhere, but then its Nepal, so there was this impulse where I had to look both ways as I crossed the street. I knew there weren’t any vehicles going around, but still.

When I got to the voting area, there was a crowd right in front of the gate. You could see some of the candidates there greeting, people holding their voting cards ready to choose their leaders.

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I didn’t have my card, so I showed my ID and the slip; they let me in. I then got in, saw officers all over doing their duty, people lining up for their turn. But I had to get my card, so I asked one of the officers there to look up for mine, so he did. I waited for the card and saw people pass by.

As I waited, I saw a number of elderly people go by. Lots of them with a cane on their one hand, and election card in the other. It was really nice to see them come and participate; it was like their body was restricting them but still, they had this sense of responsibility that they wanted to fulfill.

There was this old guy, with a cane again, he was panting as he got to the gate. He stopped for a while, took a couple of long breath and carried on. He was supervised by some officers. There were officers all over the place, guiding elderly, helping the ones who were confused with their numbers. It was my first time, I had seen some of those events on TV and newspapers, I didn’t know how the environment inside would actually be like, for which I was pretty impressed looking at it.

I mean in Nepal, when you go to the government offices, you wouldn’t get that kind of attention nor the guide when you ask for it. So, it was pretty awesome to have that one there.

As I waiting, the officer finally got to me and showed me where my line was. I went there through the track, as there weren’t many people front of me so I got there pretty fast. They made a mark on my thumb and asked me to go to the first box.

I got the first ballot paper where I had to cast my vote. I took that and went across, looked at the logos. I had this party on my mind, for whom I had planned to cast the vote. When I first saw the ballot paper, it got me nervous. I was actually taking long breaths. I actually felt so scared, for what if I had voted for the wrong one. I mean, it wasn’t some class president I was voting for, but the country’s leaders. They would be making and implementing the amends later affecting thousands of lives. I know kind of dramatic, but it was my first vote.

However, after all the thoughts that ran through my mind, I finally voted. I then, went to the second one followed by the third one and finally, I was done with the voting, and I had cast my first vote.



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