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Chitooo App: The Future of Marketing?


Chitooo app is a devoted platform that links the bridge between individuals and small businesses to help with the sharing of ideas, products, and experiences, all through the medium of social media. The concept is to promote interested businesses through the app by providing certain benefits from the business to Chitooo app users if they decide to post through the app on other social media.

What they are doing here is that through the posting of pictures, status or check-ins through the app, they are giving away certain points which can be converted into benefits from the associated businesses. It is a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the businesses looking to promote themselves in the market.


The deal is that with every status you update through the app, you earn 10 Chitooo coins. By tagging your friends in your posts, posting pictures, and checking-in at a partner store, you earn 5, 20 and 40 coins respectively. If you are able to do all these at a time, you will be able to earn a 100 Chitooo coins.

After collecting these coins, they can be used to search for and buy available deals on the app. You can get offers/ discounts at various partner stores (restaurants, cafes &clothing stores) by showing these coupons. Through these deals, the partner stores are getting their needed marketing promotion just by providing an exclusive deal to the users and the users are able to receive offers from these stores just by being more active on Facebook.

I have been using the app for a few months now, and I must say the service is commendable. They have been able to deliver the best service to the customers, without any technical glitches at that, which is a very good feature for an app that has been launched into the market, not more than a few months ago.

The problem, however, is that I have not been able to use it much since it is a bit costly for me to afford as a student. Yes, I would love to receive a free drink with a purchase of one by posting a picture and checking into a café through the app, but do I really have the need and money to be in the café in the first place?

Most deals come as a buy one get one, or buy two get one offer, which is a bit inconvenient as the app urges me to spend my limited budget on offers I didn’t initially need. To be honest, the temptation has taken over me a few times and I ended up spending money on offers on the app, which I think is a good attraction point for the app. But, is it really good for me, a representative of the students using the app?


On the other hand, the app is very convenient for groups of friends who love indulging in shopping and leisurely activities, as the app is indeed able to save them a lot of money by increasing the number of their collective coins every time they post anything through the app on Facebook. It could also be useful to visitors to Kathmandu, who might spend the money saved through the app on other purchases while getting discounts in their shopping experiences at the partner stores.

The app still has a huge prospect for growth as it has not been able to fully exploit the market as well as social media platforms. It is currently only available in the Google play store for androids, leaving the iOS users ineligible to reap benefits of the app. Present only on Facebook; it is yet to capture the users of other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where the user engagement is rapidly increasing these days.

Through the app, SMEs can discover the virtues of online marketing starting at an absolute cost Rs.0. They can contact the sales team of Chitooo to start exploring the available opportunities. The users have been reaping benefits of the app since last July and can expect more exciting deals in the future as they now have a growing team of youth seeking to develop the app as per the convenience of individuals and youths, especially students.



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Written by Prajita Gupta

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