10 Superstitions You Will Come Across In Nepal

Many people believe that spitting on hair clumps would protect them from witches and birds. It is believed that if birds get hold of your hair, and wove it into their nest, the owner of the hair would get mad.

It is also believed that spitting would protect one from the harmful magic of the witches as they can use the hair for nasty spells and it would harm the person it belongs to.

It is believed that stepping on something holy such as a god’s picture or monument can bring you bad luck and lead to future misfortunes.

Sex is considered only for married couples, and getting sexual before your marriage is considered as a disgrace to the society.

Right hand should be considered as dominant hand for eating and doing all other activities, while, left hand should be used for cleaning your butt after you defecate.

It is impolite to touch an adult’s head as it is considered disrespectful and rude to do so.

One should never keep their shoes or sandals upside down because it is believed that doing so brings some sort of bad luck to you.

One cannot cut their hair or shave on their birthday because doing so is not considered good for one’s financial situation.

Red chilies with lemon are used to protect one from bad spirits and ward off bad luck.

Spilling rice on the floor and walking on it is considered as an insult to the Hindu Goddess of food and one should immediately clean the rice before stepping on it.

It is believed that one shouldn’t say a young baby healthy or fat as doing so will make him/her sick.

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Written by Rashmi Lohia

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