Are you interested in pitching personal essays, videos, recipes, DIY hacks, opinion on trending buzz or cultural criticism?

Then OMG Nepal is here, waiting to hear from you.

We are providing a platform for writers who are in search of an opportunity to share their content and get recognition. OMG Nepal is the first internet media corporate in Nepal to launch a space to promote writers and help them gain an audience for themselves.

The idea behind launching “Write for us” is to promote Nepal through the voices of writers from different parts of Nepal. We are looking for strong voices that don’t just speak about one’s experiences but also create something profoundly compelling to readers. If you believe you can build such content that people haven’t experienced yet or will be fascinated to read, then join us and be a part of “Write for Us” by sending us your article. If your article meets our criteria and has an ability to gain popularity, we will contact you before posting your articles on our website.

Our goal is to support aspiring writers and promote Nepal so that writers can get various benefits by joining “Write for Us”. Some of the benefits would be as follows:

  • Valuable from SEO point of view: meaning unlike other websites, your articles won’t get lost deep in the sites’ as well as Google’s architecture, rather it will appear on top when searched.
  • You no longer have to worry about domain and inconsistency in posting in blogs.
  • Your unique ideas will be heard.
  • Your audience will increase in number.
  • Your work will be recognized, rewarded and appreciated.
  • You will be rewarded on the basis of the engagement of the audience in your articles.
  • Apart from this, every month, the best article will be selected based on the buzz it is able to create among the audience and awarded.


  • Submit your content but remember, the content should be authentic. (In case of plagiarism you will not be eligible to send us articles in future as plagiarism is a serious offence.)
  • If your article is selected by our editors, you will be receiving an email from us. (In case of grammatical errors our in-house editor will correct them before publishing)
  • Don’t forget to share your article on social media to increase the engagement of your post as your reward will be based on it.

If you are interested then, please send your mail at 

[email protected]