Generation Now: Empowering the Youth

‘Generation Now’, an initiation by ‘Nyanopan’, was conducted on July 14, 2018, to bring  the youths and the inspirational personalities from the various background in one platform to share their experiences and knowledge to empower the youth,

‘Generation Now’ was basically a talk show on youth empowerment that allowed the youths to interact and share their ideas. They provided a touchstone on how to shape up their career decisions, how to assemble available opportunities with resources in hand and how to execute their ideas into reality. This event was all about inspiring and motivating the youth in their career.

This event was an interactive one where the participants interacted with the speakers and conversed with one another. They had two speakers for the event, Senior Captain Mr. Vijay Lama and Mr. Binod Shahi.

Senior Captain Mr. Vijay Lama is a Nepalese Actor, Motivational Speaker, philanthropist, singer, producer, event manager, and social activist. Mr. Binod Shahi, also known as “Sir of the Himalayas”, is a teacher who has been teaching and spreading awareness for over a decade among the less privileged people in Dolpa, one of the remote places in Nepal.

The first speaker, Mr. Binod Shahi talked about foreign employment, problems faced by him in Dolpa, how he tackled the problems in the education system in Dolpa. He explained how the government has been making efforts for the development of the rural districts, but the participation of the local is barely seen. He said, “This is our country and it is our duty to work for the development of our nation. If we don’t participate in the process, we will not succeed.”

The presentation was followed by a short video about his lifestyle and work. He had gone to the places where one thought was impossible, thus his team is called “The heroes of the Himalayas.”

Captain Vijay Lama was the second speaker of the event. He presented his speech by introducing himself as a simple Nepali and a proud son of Nepali Aama. He shared about his early days when he was a mischievous one in school, and the life he is living right now. He says “A mind is a powerful tool; it can either make you or it can break you”. He also believes in “Leaders do not lead; they create a path which everyone follows.” He encouragetd the youth to love one’s country, our flag, language and culture. He says “Jay Chandra Surya” is his main mantra.

Captain Vijay Lama is also the chairman of Nyanopan, and his team was successful in collecting a large number of blankets for the people in need. They collected a total of 65 sacks in 3 days.

The event concluded with his speech on motivating youths to see the opportunities that lie here in our country. He also introduced his new newly released Nepali movie “Bobby”, showing trailer of the movie and introducing the lead actor of the movie, and his role in the movie.

For the event, their partners were:

  • Promoting Partner:Incwell Ventures
  • Event Partner: Cosmo Concepts
  • Innovation Partner: Incwell Innovation
  • Production Partner: Canon Heads
  • Co-organized By: Lions and Leo Club of Mt. 8848,Leo Club of Kathmandu
    Creative, Bagmati Leo Club and Leo Club of Manigal Global.




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Written by Dorjee Khando

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