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Mechi to Mahakali in 19 Days – Running for Education

Running whole Nepal from Mechi to Mahakali is not an easy job & impossible for many of us but Veteran runner Raj Pradhan & Sundeep Kandel are very different from us. Raj & Sundeep has made a run through Mechi to Mahakali for ROAD TO EDUCATION, an independent event initiated by Sundeep Kandel.




Raj & Sandeep hit the road on 24th November, 2014 and completed the run one day ahead of schedule on the 13th of December, 2014. They covered 1027 km in a total of 19 days, averaging 54km per day. Crossing through five developmental regions and twenty districts, the runners interact with the locals people, youth led clubs & students on why they were running for education and how it will support SANO PRAYAS, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the education of under-privileged children.




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