Why Kulman Ghising Is Popular Among Nepalese Population?

The decades of Corruption in Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) had once led it’s 30 million citizens in the time where they were provided only 4-5 hours of electricity in a day. Under the management of former NEA  M.D Mukesh Raj Kafle, Nepalese have suffered 18 hours of load shedding per day. Nevertheless, currently, the most heroic figure among Nepalese society Mr. Kulman Ghising completely vanished load shedding from the nation.

He was appointed in NEA in August 2016, and under his management on 13th May 2018, NEA declared Nepal as load-shedding free. However, his tenure as Md of NEA is coming to an end and Nepalese people have taken over social media by showing him the utmost respect and support for the work, Mr. Kulman Ghising has accomplished in the past 4 years.

Regarding his work and zeal to serve people, in social media platform hashtag #Wewantkulmanghisingagain is trending in hopes to reinstate Mr. Kulman Ghising’s tenure as MD in NEA

History Of Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA)

With the Aim of generating, transmitting, and distributing adequate, reliable, and affordable power by planning, constructing, operating and maintaining all generation, transmission and distribution facilities in Nepal’s power system both interconnected and isolated an Organization was formed in 16th August 1985 under the Nepal Electricity Act 1984, thorough the merger of the Department of Electricity, Ministry of Water Resources, Nepal Electricity Corporation and related development Board and named “ Nepal Electricity Authority”.

Recently, Nepal Electricity Authority Celebrated its 35th Anniversary on Bhadra 1st, 2077 B.S. Nepal Electricity Authority owns Hydroelectric plants connected to the greed amounting 480 Megawatt whereas buys power from Independent Power Project in operation which generates 230 Megawatt. NEA also owns two fuel Operated plants in Susari.

Even in Makwanpur, generates 39 Megawatt and 14.41 Megawatt respectively and also a Solar power station with 25 Megawatt situated Nuwakot. There are many upcoming Hydropower projects and Independent hydropower under construction with the power capacity of 750 Megawatt and 1, n617 Megawatt as a whole respectively.

NEA Before Kulman Ghising

Despite all the Potential NEA was in billions of loss and Nepalese people had to face a power cutoff up to 98 hours a week which is 14 hrs a day due to Deeply rooted Structural corruption as the top NEA executives were selling electricity to the industrialist leaving the consumer household in dark fo nearly a decade.

NEA suffered the accumulated loss of – 23.2 billion dollars during the tenure of  Former MD of NEA Mr. Mukesh Raj Kafle from the year 2012/2013 to 2015/2016. It suffered a loss of 8.9 billion dollars in the year 2015/2016 alone. It was like the Darkness will never end. Following below, are some of the scenarios in reference to old and miss managed NEA under Mr. Mukesh Raj Kafle

Eradication of Regular Power cut

Before Kulman Ghising the general household use to suffer a power cut up to 14 hrs a day. The frequent power cut made life difficult which was the result of structural corruption. The electricity was sold to industries rather than lighting up the household of the consumer but Kulman Ghising slowly and gradually eradicated the Regular Power cut. Currently the power cuts are rare and people can enjoy the lights after suffering decades of darkness.

Changing The Face of Company

The company which suffered a huge loss of 8.9 billion previous year under the tenure of Mr. Mukesh Raj Kafle was in surplus of 1.5 billion in the same year Mr. Ghising was appointed as MD of NEA after which the NEA has been Making surplus with growth in each year.

Decline In Imports

NEA filled the gaps of the shortfall by importing from India but as NEA’s own hydropower plants and private produces started coming online imports from idea have declined steadily from 35% to 22% of the total supply in past five years.


He has been successful to reduce the leakage of electricity up to 15% from 25% over the course of five years. 

How Kulman Ghising Changed The Face Of NEA?

Nepal is one of the richest countries in terms of water resource availability which has the potential to place over 40, 000 Mega Watt of hydro generation. We are totally dependent on hydro resources as 90% of the country’s total electricity generated are from hydropower plants. Meanwhile, things begins to change and people enables to light up their house when in 2016 Current MD of NEA Mr. Kul man Ghising came into power.

NEA M.D Kulman Ghising dug out the load shedding from its roots, through his exceptional management skills. Under his leadership, NEA made billions of dollars in profit without cutting the supply of electricity in the nation. His management is one of its own kind in Nepal which completely ignores corruption. The Neverending Darkness came to an end with the vision of one person i.e. Mr. Kulman Man Ghising.

In addition, he has turned the NEA status from suffering loss into gaining profits. He reduced the wastage and proved that the problem was never the undersupply. Nonetheless, he has also reduced the imports from India as well.

Nepalese people are grateful towards him as he is the one who helped them to get out of the decades of darkness at the same time they fear that in the absence of him they may be pushed back into the darkness once again.

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