Nepali Dishes You Need to Try at Least Once

In Nepal, a wide range of cuisines are mainly based on ethnicity or based on region. However, every local dish represents ample room for cultural and geographic diversity. There are many dishes and traditional cuisine which someone must try if they are visiting Nepal for the first time.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

These is the name of food every Nepali eat at least twice a day. Dal Bhat is the main food of the entire Nepal. Possibly every day, these foods cooked in every household of the nation. Generally, dal means is a soup made of lentils and spices. Bhat means rice and Tarkari mean different forms of vegetables cooked according to taste and preference of the family or person.


Dhindo is the food that can only be found in Nepal. It is prepared by gradually adding flour to boiling water while stirring. It is a staple meal in various parts of Nepal. The vessel of choice for making dhindo is phalame taphke (iron pan). A narrow iron spatula called a dabilo is used to stir the dhindo as it thickens.


Gundruk is a leafy green vegetable that is fermented and popular in Nepal. Perhaps it is believed to be a national dish. Gundruk is a multi-legged plant of Rayo sag, mustard leaves, radish, etc. Dundruk is produce as a dry plant with dark brown characteristics. It’s a food that can either be served as a meal or as a lateral dish or as a soup.

Phapar ko Roti

Phapar means Buckwheat flour, and roti simply means Chapati. It is cooked with Buckwheat flour with a little amount of plain rice flour and a pinch of salt in it. Basically, it is a Nepali traditional food item which cooked in the style of pancake.

Sel roti

Sel roti is kind of Nepal ‘s substitute to donut. Sel roti is also traditional food that has much less sweet compare to the donuts.  Generally, it is deep-fried and round. They are usually considered as snacks, and it is found in the food streets of Nepal. However, it is generally made in Nepali homes, and it is prepared during celebrations and festivals, particularly in Maghe Sankranti and Tihar.


Yomari is so unique that it has a festival called Yomari Pooja that is usually celebrated in December. This is the Newari festivals that mark the conclusion of the rice harvest, and on that day they eat sweet yomari. Yomari is like pointed fish dumplings in shape and looks, which are actually made of rice meal and either filled with a mixture of sweet ingredients.


It is a popular food in the Newar community of Nepal and is eaten at festivals and special occasions. However,  Chatānmari has become very popular between other cultures as well and has been consumed as a snack.


It is another popular Newari food that uses raw meat and lots of spices. The term ‘kachilla’ itself means ‘kacho masu’ or “raw meat,” which is mixed with spices and oils and not with hands, to create adequate warming to make the meat tender and to rid of the rough smell of meat.

Alu Tama

Alu Tama can be translated literally as a tama soup and potato. It is made up of  Bamboo fermentation. A basic pommes of vegetables are roasted, and the tama usually got fried and added to the soup at the final stages. And further another common ingredient of this soup is bodi or tane bodi, which makes it alu Tama bodi with the black yeast peas.
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