All you need to know about Yatri

With a vision to reinvent urban mobility, Yatri has come up with its first initiative called Project Zero.

Yatri Motorcycles is a Nepali motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 2017 by Ashim Pandey. Formed by young and ambitious youth, Yatri Motorcycles is a Nepal based startup that has come up with creation in the Nepal auto industry.

Giving heads on competition to all the other motorcycle companies, Yatri gives an option for the people to switch to an electric mode of transport. A way of life to care about the environment we live in, and make an initiation to solve one of the most important problems of urban air pollution.

With a team of 7 along with 4 engineers, the team strives to give you the best possible solution for individual mobility with sustainability. They had begun their research work for the past two years. In this course of time, they went to different parts of Nepal to study and know more about the vehicles and road situation giving them a deeper understanding.

“All its spare parts were designed in Nepal and co-created with various companies in the US, China, India, and European countries.”—Ashim Pandey, Founder

Finally, after two years of hard work and eagerness Yatri Motorcycles has finally unveiled its first-ever model “P-0” on Thursday, 19th December 2019. Leaving the crowd with awe, the Yatri team had presented an exceptional electric motorbike. Influenced by the Café Racer design from the sixties, the bike features a high-tech, futuristic and bold impression.  Some of the specs are:

  • 100% Carbon fiber body
  • 30KW/ 40hp power
  • With 2 hours of full charge, you can run it to a distance of 230 km
  • 7-inch full HD display with powerful insights
  • An app “Yatri-Hub” that would show you the details, location of your bike

The price of the bike is yet to revealed. Random numbers for the price can be seen on the internet for now, but the team hasn’t confirmed it yet. As per the information, the test ride is to be set in March 2020 and the sale production will be shortly after. The company will produce fifty motorcycles in the first phase.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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