Things to know about Dolpa

Dolpa- one of the most wonderful and unexplored paradise of Nepal, is located in western Nepal where travelers can enjoy diverse nature, culture and spectacular scenic beauty while walking through the roads of Dolpa.

Here are few things to know about Dolpa.

1. Dolpa is divided into three parts


So, basically, Dolpa is divided into upper, middle and lower regions as per their culture and traditions. Upper region is mainly inhabited by the Buddhist and Bon who speak “Khaam” which is very similar to Tibetan language but not the same.

Both middle and lower region have a mixture of different culture and traditions. The middle region has an essence of both Tibetan and Hindus. On the other hand, the lower region is mostly inhabited by the people following Hindu tradition and cultures.

2. Unexplored by tourists


Due to its geographical position, Dolpa region is an isolated part of the country. Since, this village lies between Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri range, Dolpa has been left unexplored by the travelers visiting Nepal.

3. Rare animals are found here


Dolpa region is also home to some of the rare animals found in the world. You can find some rare animals such as snow leopard, Himalayan blue sheep and other animals like jackals, yaks and musk deer during your trip.

4. Medicinal plant, Yarsagumba can be found here


Yarsagumba, a combination of fungus and plant which is used for medicinal purposes is found in this region. Villagers go on a group hunt to collect this interesting plant during the season and it is an important part of the life for people living in Dolpa region.

5. Dependency on agriculture


Due to the rough land in Dolpa region, people usually grow buckwheat, potatoes, Tibetan barley, wheat and millet. People residing here are mainly dependent on animal husbandry and these crops.

6. Villages located in high altitudes


In Dolpa region, most of the villages are situated at a high elevation of about 3500 m above the sea level. Since, there is rare contact with the outside world, the people living in this area bond very well with each other.

7. Nomadic Lifestyle


Since, the people living in Dolpa region are settled in high altitudes, the winter there is unbearable. As a result, the routes to Dolpa is inaccessible for about 6 months in a year. The people living here travel up to the north with the caravan of yaks for trading and bringing essentials.

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