5 Things that only happen in Nepal

During Kukur Tihar, the day when the dogs are worshipped, the mythological and real relationships between humans and dogs establish the day’s major focus. Dogs are said to be the representatives of the lord Yamraj, it is believed that the dogs can sense the death of somebody when it comes around. On this day, the dogs are adorned with malas (garlands) and tika (red color powder) and pray to god that all our bad omens go away and may they protect us.

Mad Honey is a biological product of wild alpine honey bees found in the Himalayan region. These bees feed on rhododendron flowers, the source of the psychoactive element present in their honey.

“As barbaric as it may sound the villagers are careful in the process of drawing blood from the Yak. The thick hair around the throat region of the Yak is first plucked out or shaved until the skin is visible. Then a sharp blade is used to slit and cut up a vein, the blood is quickly poured in a cup. The villagers then let the yaks go. When looked upon, the yaks seem to look fine, but they run off once they are loosened. “-Yak Drinking Festival

Chaupadi is a social tradition where women are isolated during their period. Menstruating women are viewed as impure and are thought to offend the gods and bring down a curse on their households if they remain indoors. They had to live outside in cow sheds or makeshift huts, regardless of the weather.

The Royal Kumari of Nepal, who resides in the temple palace of Durbar Square, is considered the living embodiment of Goddess Taleju, a version of Durga. In order to be appointed as a Kumari, a pre-pubescent girl, usually below the age of 5, must go through a series of processes which include very fascinating criteria of selection.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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