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Free Tour Packages To Nepal For News Reporter


The devastating earthquake has brought a fear in mind of people that has overshadowed the charm that the quaint Himalayas possess. Tourist now think that Nepal has lost its beauty that once attracted million of tourists around the world. But, we Nepalese know that it’s not true and it was only some part of Nepal that was the victim of the earthquake.

We admit the fact that the earthquake had caused destruction. But some media have reported the incident in a wrong way. The earthquake had badly affected the epicentre and nearby areas but the other regions, they are still as they were before. Moreover, the Everest and Annapurna region has not been touched by the earthquake at all. It was Langtang and Manaslu region that were affected but even those areas have been made accessible for camping trekking.

Why Travel with Nepal Hiking TeamNepal Tourism has been highly downgraded due to the recent earthquake and moreover due to fake news that have been spreaded by the media. Nepal Hiking Team consider themselves a responsible tour operator and takes it as a duty to promote tourism in Nepal. They have initiated a free travel packages to the news reporters worldwide so that they can come visit Nepal to experience the beauty that Nepal still possess and promote its present condition to rest of the world.

If you are interested in visiting Nepal and promoting its present condition, then they will be sponsoring any of the top 10 packages of Nepal for free. All they want from you is to  promote its present condition and spread positive vibes to rest of the world. The tour includes fooding, lodging, guide and all the air and road transport. You just have report good things about Nepal, its present condition and mention the name of their company with it.

Let’s support Nepal Hiking Team by sharing this message to the whole world. Share the world that there are plenty of reasons to visit Nepal.

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