From Paris to Parsa

On Friday 13, Paris was attacked by a group of terrorist resulting in over 140 casualties. Over the past weekend, monuments and buildings across the world were lit up in France’s national colours in solidarity with the French people in order to mourn the innocent deaths and to support France. From the Empire State Building in New York to Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro, landmarks the world over displayed the colours of the French flag in tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris.

With an art installation titled Paris to Parsa, the iconic Ghantaghar in Kathmandu too was illuminated in red, white, and blue. Artist Neon Bodhi said,

“If we choose to find differences and amplify them, then we will succeed easily in that endeavour but at the cost of failing as people and societies. If we find commonalities and lend ourselves to our humanity, we will win as people, as societies. The clock keeps ticking.”

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the simple art installation on Ghantaghar clock tower was set up not just in solidarity with the city of Paris but rather also an expression of solidarity for humanity, against violence.

From Paris to Parsa

“The colours— red, white and blue— are shared by flags of both France and Nepal. To me, these are colours that are shades of peace, space for peace, and shades of the blood we share, respectively.” – Bodhi

The installation was exhibited on Nov 15 and 16 and was curated by City Museum Kathmandu.

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