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Inter-Caste Marriage: A Social Taboo in Nepal

Nepal is regarded as a culturally diversified and rich country. It has been a home to 126 castes and ethnic groups speaking as many as 123 languages. Nepal celebrates more than 50 festivals every year. Comparing among the majorities of different groups, the rules and rituals, customs and ceremonies, festivals and cultures are not similar to each other.

The caste system in Nepal has been criticized as an unjust and discriminatory system for the last two decades. Even though, Nepal is advancing in terms of technology and other fields, marrying an individual of different caste creates a big cry and hue in Nepali families till date.

As Nepal is developing, people are accepting inter-caste marriage up to certain extent, but, still many of them fear that their language and culture would die if their children get married into another caste. Compared to rural areas, urban people are more open to the concept of inter-caste marriage. While in rural areas, inter-caste married couples are punished for rejecting the prevalent norms of the society and are barred from participation in normal activities in family, society, social relations and networks.

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Nepali government is taking initiative to raise awareness and eliminate racism of all kinds. On the occasion of the 53rd International Day on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Seventy-eight inter-caste marriage couples were honored in Tulsipur, Dang.

The government will also provide a grant of 1,00,000 rupees to the newly married couples within 30 days of marriage registration to encourage inter-caste marriage. This initiative is meant to end discrimination against the country’s Dalits who still face caste discrimination.

Know any inter-caste marriage survival stories? If yes, then share your story with us in the comment section.

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Written by Rashmi Lohia

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