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Mira Rai | The Story Of A Spirited Nepali Village Girl

Mira Rai followed the journey of a spirited Nepali village girl on her pursuit of becoming a world-recognized mountain runner, and she did achieve it. It gives a great sense of pride to see such determined and growing talents being recognized, and among us.

Growing up in a remote mountain village in Nepal, Mira always dreamed of being successful in the sport despite all the challenges that she & other Nepali girls face. After running away from home at 14, Mira joined the Maoist army until as a young adult, she traveled all the way to Kathmandu to try her luck. While keeping up with the city life, she had lots of obstacles which diverted her mind to return home to her village.

But one morning as she was running, she met another runner who had told her about the long-running race in the local hills. She then took part in the race and grabbed the title right away. She then realized, how her life, back in the village, her upbringing, had made her tough and prepared for the run. Till now, she has participated in many international competitions and has won numerous awards. She was the winner of 2017 Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic.

After the awards and titles, her story inspired lots of people. Here is the trailer from her documentary. This inspirational story, filmed in Hong Kong, Nepal, and Australia, tells the story of Mira’s journey in the face of adversity to compete against the world’s best mountain runners.


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