Madhesi People Protest Outside White House Against Nepalese Government

On Nov 22, Sunday, Protesters gathered outside the White House in Washington DC to mark the 100th day of protest in Nepal and against the constitution and Government of Nepal. The event which displayed graphic images of Madhesi protesters (in Nepal) with men and women carrying various slogans asking for Madhesi voices to be heard was organized by Madhesi Human Rights (MADHUR) and Association of Nepalese Teraian in America (ANTRA).

Madhesi Protest

The agenda for the event organized by ANTRA and others are as follows:

– To draw attention to Nepal’s regressive and discriminatory constitution, which denies equal rights to the people of Terai-Madhesh (which represents almost 45% of Nepal’s population), the southern plain of Nepal.

– To pay respect to over 40 people killed during the protest resulting from the promulgation of controversial constitution. Human Right Watch Report “like we are not Nepali” can be seen at:…/protest-and-police-crackdown-terai-re

– To show respectful dissent and share following with the planned demonstration by some Nepali Organizations in the USA near the same venue: o Blaming neighbor (India) for Nepal’s own mess (ongoing political and economic crisis) you are helping draw attention away from the root cause of the crisis. o Your silence over the blatant violations of Madhesi protesters’ human rights and their brutal murders by the police crackdown is disappointing. o While you are demonstrating in the name of Nepali diaspora as a representative of entire Nepal; the majority of the Madhesi diaspora may not share your sentiment

– To urge and encourage all Nepali stakeholders to seriously engage each other and find a way out of the current crisis for peaceful and prosperous Nepal

Madhesi Protest

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