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Nepalese React to Metal Music

Thick, massive sound, high amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness summarizes metal music. Metal music is popular all over the world because of it’s traditional character. Somewhere around the 70s when it spawned as a sub-genre of rock music, I’m sure nobody had any idea how huge it would become. Half-way across the world, around the same timeline, Nepal had become one of the top destination for the hippies. They also brought the music they loved to listen on their journey. This is how Nepali bands found their inspiration for their music. Prism, Influence, Crossroads, Cobweb et cetera are some of the pioneers of Nepal.

Back in days, metal scene in Nepal mostly consisted of covers of western bands such as Iron Maiden, Diamond Head etc. When Ugra Karma released its Himalayan Metal of Death in 2000, there were hardly any original bands playing their own creation. Some argue that the release of this album inspired other metal bands to create their own material. At present, there are some commercially successful metal bands such as Antim Grahan. There are other few that regularly perform in concerts. Commercially, Nepali bands are still not as successful as international bands but it can be argued that the scene here has a formidable growth rate. I have a video I would like to share with you all. My friends went to the street of Kathmandu to see the reaction of people after listening metal music.

Let’s see how Nepalese react to these heavy metal songs in this react video.

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