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Online Job Portal of Nepal and Its Effectiveness

Getting the job in Nepal is one of the most formidable tasks to accomplished. Most of the youth often visit different sites or pay additional fees to the job recruitment agency. However, things have improved in these years. Now people can apply for a job by sitting at home. All you need to have is proper C.V and cover latter. There are many ways to get a job appointment online, and we are going to talk about the online job portal and its effectiveness in Nepal.

Job Recruitment Services and Effectiveness on Facebook

Perhaps once you like a job vacancy post on Facebook, then Facebook keeps suggest you a similar kind of post every time, and I must tell you most of these ads really work. But there are many pages and people who are looting innocent Nepalese students and individuals in the name of service charge. Moreover, there are specific things you should remember before applying for the job on Facebook.

  • Visit the page of listed job vacancy
  • Make sure you are applying directly to the company, not to recruitment service
  • Add proper and authentic information in your form
  • After applying, always send your CV in the massage box
  • Wait for several days for a response
  • Make quires regarding your job application  

After Facebook, you can find tons of online job recruitment websites. There are now many authentic and reliable websites that will find you a job without any charges. We will list some primary sites, which have the potential to get you job.


If you research on the web, then you will find everywhere that merojob is considered as one of the best in the game. According to the source, Merojob has 150,000+ success stories and 350,000+ job seekers are registered in Merojob till now. It has a wide range of job category and perhaps if you have a strong portfolio, you probably could get a job here. And they did not cost you a single penny for a job.


kumarijob is also one of the famous online job portals, which has sucessfully provided jobs for many individuals. Like merojob, Kuamrijob also has a variety of job opportunities and it is as authentic as another online job portal. It was started in 2014, and within six years, it has accumulated great goodwill in the market. Its practical solution provides you with placement services to multiple organizations in diversified fields like financial institutions, corporate houses, trading houses, Schools, Colleges, I/NGOs, etc.  


Another one is Growthsellers; probably you have not heard about it but, Growthsellers are in business for a decade now. It has built trust among their clients and customers, therefore, if you sign up for a job on this site, you will probably get one.


JobsNepal is another crucial player in Nepal online job portal; however, according to the customer review, it charges a specific price but not from job candidates. If you visit their site, then you will see a variety of job opportunities.


Furthermore, we are not promoting any of these sites through this article. We want you to give authentic ways to get your dream jobs. And currently, these websites has good ranking on google too. We just want to tell you if you sign up here or use Facebook for work, you need to be patient and you don’t have to pay any money, don’t let them fool you. Besides the above website, there are still tons of websites that will offer you job opportunities, which means more ways to get work and more opportunities.

Meanwhile, after applying for the post don’t forget to make quires, it’s your right to know about your job application. Lastly, you can also visit the company’s websites where you want to work and click on the career section to see whether they have any job vacancy and directly send you proper c.v and cover letter to HR of that company. We hope you like our article, and if you have any queries please leave your questions on comment sections.

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