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How Nepal Is Tackling Covid-19 Crisis?

As per  2020-06-05, Nepal confirmed cases of Covid-19 has crossed 2600 and 10 has lost their life, as well as 290, were recovered. However, a month ago situation seems to be under control. But covet-19 cases has increased rapidly within a month. The coronavirus Impact on Nepal has ruined its economy. Meanwhile, there are several efforts are being held by the Nepalese government to minimize its effect in the nation. Nepal is having aids, and the Government of Nepal is bringing a bunch of medical kits from to tackle the covet-19 crisis. At the same time, Nepalese private organization has also came forward to effectively tackle down this Corona crisis.

On April 2020, Nepal Airlines flew to china and brought the medical consignment as aid from Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba. At the time, Nepal bought rapid diagnostic kits from China worth 60 million Nepali Rupees. After that, through the G2G procedure, the Nepalese government has brought millions of dollars of medical equipment from china. And in these processes, the Nepal Army came forward to deliver the medical consignment in Nepal. Furthermore, in recent days, Covet-19 has poorly has spread throughout the nation, so the Nation has decided to bring some more medical kit from China. Therefore to tackle the coronavirus crisis, Nepal has made second medical consignment deals with china. It consists of 18.84 tons of medical supplies. The consignment consists of personal protective equipment (PPE), PCR test kits, and an N-95 mask.

Medical Kit Cumming From China To Tribhuvan Airport

 If we look closely, then the most crucial sector in a world right now is a health sector. Since Nepal entirely depends upon export from China and India, it has not many options instead of buying basic medical kits at a higher price. However, Nepal’s mutual ally has come forward and helped the Nation to tackle the Covid-19 epidemic. On April 2020 UAE has provided seven metric of medical supplies to bust the Nepal effort to scrub the coronavirus from its territory. Nepal government has decided to use UAE aid for doctors and nurses who are at the front in this covet-19 crisis. The support is decleared by the Excellency Saeed Hamdan Al Naqbi, and so far, they have distributed 334 metric tons of aid to over 32 countries.

Recently Nepal Agriculture Cooperative Central Federation Limited (NACCFL) has come up with great ideas to sell fresh and organic vegetables around the ten places on Kathmandu under the slogan “rural products in urban areas.” Evidently, after the nationwide lockdown in Nepal, it has created severe problems for everyone, and most importantly, it has hit the agro-based industry. Nepal’s 66% of people are directly connected with agriculture and farming to earn their livelihood and lockdown has completely stopped their earnings.

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Meanwhile, before the pandemic, there were three outlets of NACCFL, but regarding the nationwide emergency, it has enlarged it ‘self to maintain the flow in the agro-based industry. NACCFL has implemented C2C (cooperative to cooperative) business model which supports the small farmers even with agro-input, Subsidy for Tool Provision, Subsidy for transportation, Activating mobile apps and delivery mechanism, Storage facilities, and Interest Subsidy on Agriculture loan.

Regarding the current situation, Nepal’s government revenue has decreased drastically within two months, and literally, the national economy is facing an awful downfall. Therefore on APRIL 7, 2020, officials of Nepal had made a financial agreement with the World bank. According to the contract, Nepal received 29 million dollars to respond against the Covid-19 crisis. According to Sirhir Kumar Dhungana, Nepal’s Financial Secretary, money that has come through agreement will be invest on emergency support to enhance Nepal’s capacity to detect covid-19 cases and beef up its health infrastructure. The agreement also consists of providing the resources it needs to fight against the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the livelihoods of Nepalese people.

Nevertheless, even Nepal Telecom has also come forward to help the Nation by minimizing cost in data pack and calls. NTC has announced to facilitate Sim for free of charge to the Nepalese citizens returning from abroad. By providing a copy of citizenship certificate, passport, driving license, travel document, or any other identity document, they could get NTC sim for free. As well as from Nepal’s richest family Chaudhary group Basanta Chaudhary announced to donate Rs 10 million to a trust established by the government to fight against coronavirus. Basanta Chaudhary has decleared to help the foundation with 5 million cash and 5 million worth medical kits.

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