Premier Hero–Bringing You a Way To Earn While You Watch The Premier League

With the season of Premier League, Premier Hero has come up with a way where you can not just enjoy the game, but gain something in return on the matches you predict.

Premier Hero is a platform that gives you an opportunity to enjoy the matches in the premier league. Unlike before, it gives you a chance to win cash prize and a number of weekly gift hampers.

You don’t need to be a hardcore football fan to be part of it. All you need to do is sign up on, make an account for yourself and start predicting the scores for the upcoming matches that would be scheduled in the website.

This time, you will not only support your favorite team but when your prediction for the scores are right, you will be enjoying along with the players with a number of gift hampers. Premier Hero, a team that wants you to not only enjoy the premier league but get something in return as well.

How to participate?

What do you get if you win ?

  • Weekly Winners
    Since every Game week is different from the other one, they have decided to keep a weekly reward system. The highest point scorer of every particular Game week will be provided with amazing gift hampers and cash prizes. (Note: The winner will be selected regardless of the league position. The league position will be taken into consideration if and only if there are multiple parties with equal points.)

  • Overall Winner
    We all know this is a year-long league for which dedication and passion are required. To keep up with the long run, we have come up with amazing and exciting gift hampers for our WINNERS including BIG CASH $$$ prizes and other sponsored gift hampers. 

    1) Cash Prize of Rs. XXXXX .  ( Not fixed yet) 

    2) Travel Package to Pokhara for 3 Days.  ( Sponsored by OMG Nepal ) 

    3) Free IT Training at Laba Nepal ( Sponsored by Laba Nepal ) 

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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