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With everything going digital, Puja service has come up with a lead where you can now have your priest right on the tip of your fingers. Just some tap on your phone and you can call a professional pandit with the required equipment.

Puja is one of the essential daily rituals of a Hindu family. When in a Hindu household, you can see the elder members of the family performing their daily rite, where one worships the god and goddesses, offers them with flowers and fruits. Depending on the pujas, these rituals range from brief daily rite to other elaborative ones in home and temples. Having a diverse old culture, there are various pujas such as Shiva Puja, Durga Puja, Laxmi Puja and many more along with various Hindu ceremonies.

When a puja is performed, a number of requisites must be fulfilled. From the person who’s performing the puja, the puja samagri (equipment),  the day the puja is performed—everything should be aligned to one another. Where some pujas may be performed by the worshipper alone, other pujas may require a qualified priest.

With the increase in demand of priests, and not getting the required samagri in time, Puja Service has come up with an initiative where one can have their required priest right on the tip of their fingers. Just some tap on your phone and you can call a professional pandits with the required equipment. Not just priests, but they provide an online delivery service for the festival gifts, puja samagri, gifts, puja packages, and others.

With an aim to make your daily chores easier, Puja Service has come up with a notion to exclude the hassle one faces during the pujas. Along with their delivery service, they have a number of other services which include:

Online Jyotish Sewa—Book an appointment

You can now book an appointment with the Jyotish, or send your inquiry regarding astrology and get your queries answered from the Jyotish through different online mediums.

Online Consultation

Get advice, suggestions, and consultation online via different platforms. Send your queries, and get the answers via website chat, Facebook page or a call.

Organize a Puja or any religious ceremony

Puja Service provides a complete event management service regarding all kinds of religious events. From event location to decorations and arranging all necessary items; Puja Service provides a complete solution.

“Book a Brahmin, Order Puja Samagri, Consultation with Guru, Astrology in Nepal at Puja Service.”—Puja Service

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