How Much You Know About Ancient Nepal?

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  • In Tibetian language ne means “wool” and pal means “house”, Name the language which describes Nepal as Nepalaya i.e means “at the foot of the mountains”.

    • Angika Language
    • Sanskri Language
    • Kriati Language
    • English Language
  • Name the oldest Ashram found in Nepal – The Ashram belongs to the first poet of Sanskrit literature & has written 24,000 shlokas and seven cantos (kaṇḍas) in Sanskrit literacy.

    • Maharishi Veda
    • Vyasa Kalidasa
    • Adi Shankaracharya
    • Valmiki
  • The early rulers of Nepal belong to the ________ dynasty.

    • Licchavi dynasty
    • Gopal dynasty
    • Kirat dynasty
    • Simroun dynasty
  • What is the name of the kingdom ruled by King Janak, father of Goddess Sita?

    • Videha dynasty
    • Thakuri dynasty
    • Kirat dynasty
    • Licchavi dynasty
  • Simroun, Karnat or Dev dynasty ruled Nepal during which period?

    • 5000 to 10000 CE
    • 1097 CE t0 1325 CE
    • 500 CE to 800 CE
    • 1500 CE to 2000 CE
  • The early Malla dynasty of Nepal also known as ______?

    • Chaubisi Rajya
    • Kanti Rajya
    • Baise Rajya
    • Gopala Rajya
  • Which Malla king built the Bhaktapur Durbar Square?

    • Sadashiva Malla
    • Ratna Malla
    • Surya Malla
    • King Jitamitra Malla
  • The temple was built in 1667 by King Siddhi Narasingha Malla. What is the name of a temple?

    • Changunarayan Temple
    • Krishna Mandir
    • Kasthamandap Temple
    • Bhadrakali Mandir

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