Quiz : How much do you know about Nepal ?

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  • What is the capital of Nepal?

    • Kathmandu
    • Pokhara
    • Lalitpur
    • Hetauda
  • What is the other name for the abominable snowman living in the Nepali mountains and, in general, in the Himalayas ranges?

    • Snowman
    • Xueren
    • Yeti
    • Polar Bear
  • What is a famous pilgrimage site in Nepal Himalayas, both for Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims?

    • Pashupatinath
    • Amarnath
    • Sonamnath
    • Muktinath
  • What’s the name of the people living in the valleys of Khumbu, Eastern Nepal, who provide most of the porters for trekkers?

    • Magar
    • Gurung
    • Indra
    • Sherpa
  • What is the name of the beautiful lake by which Pokhara lies?

    • Phewa Lake
    • Himal Lake
    • Sun Lake
  • What is the name of the famous street in Kathmandu, where the first hippies lived in the 60’s and 70’s?

    • Mai Street
    • Freak Street
    • Jawala
    • Hippy Lane
  • Nepal has two main religions in the country, which are followed by most of people. What are they?

    • Jainism and Hinduism
    • Hinduism and Taoism
    • Hinduism and Buddhism
    • Buddhism and Jainism
  • What is the animal who helps people to carry so many things on the high paths of Nepal?

    • Yak
    • Blue sheep
    • Horse
    • Donkey

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