Spiny Babbler–A Rare Species of Bird That is Found in Nepal Only

Spiny Babbler (Scientific name: Turdoides nipalensis or Kande Bhyakur in Nepali) is one of the rare species of bird found in Nepal. The bird is only found in Nepal; it is specifically seen around Kathmandu-valley, mostly around Godawari- Phulchowki region.

Spiny Babbler belongs to Leiothrichidae family of the birds. Spiny babbler is a big brown-colored bird with pointed beak and is shy in nature. Talking about its size, Spiny Babbler is 28cm in length and is around 65 to 90 grams in weight. Likewise, they nurture on the grounds or lower scrub and they mostly aim for insects like grasshopper, butterflies, bugs, caterpillars, wasps and other various insects as their food. In addition, Earthworm also acts as a vital source of energy for them. Not only that they also consume berries, fruits, nectar and seeds.

Once we enter any forest of Nepal, the feel of being around the natural enigma of the mystical world of birds and their songs in solitude really calms our heart. The soothing tone of Spiny babbler can be listened around the subtropical and the tropical lands of Nepal only as they are diffused around the trees at the height of 0.9 km. – 2.1 km.

Apart from this, Kande Bhyakur breeds annually during April-June. Its nest is wide and deep shaped like a cup and is made up of grasses which is attached to the fork of trees. Once a female Spiny Babbler hatches eggs, it is befitted by both of parents for 19-20 days. Both of the parents equally take care of the child and they do fed it but they will be independent only after four to six weeks.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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