Top 4 Places for Traveling as a Couple

Traveling as a couple is always great. There are many places to visit for couples. It is healthy for your relationships. It can definitely make you closer to each other. But the world is big. And so some places are better than others. Every place is different. But knowing exactly where to go is the best way to actually have a good time. Planning your journey is important. You should do research and decide what you want. You might want to visit mountains or live by the sea and, perhaps, you’re interested in woods or big cities. Either way, read the following guide to know the best places for couples to visit. And if you haven’t yet met your soulmate.



Georgia is a small country in Caucasus region. It is situated between Russia and Turkey. It has access to the Black Sea and there are also mountains in Georgia. Each year it becomes more and more attractive for tourists from all around the world. Even though it is little, it has a lot to offer. Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the world with rich history. It has unique traditions, original customs, and incredibly friendly people. Georgian national cuisine is spectacular. Don’t forget to try hinkali and khachapuri while you’re there. You should go to Tbilisi, Borjomi, Kutaisi, and Batumi. You can swim in the sea during summer or go skiing in winter. And, of course, try Georgian wine because it is the best in the whole Eastern hemisphere.


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Turkey is one of the best places for couples to go. The first thing you need to know about Turkey is the fact that it is really big. You can spend months there and don’t even a quarter of what it offers. Traditional Turkish dishes are very tasty and pleasant. Visiting places like Istanbul, Izmir, and Malatya will present you with various different activities. You can go diving, snorkeling, and hiking. You can enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean Sea or do great shopping in Turkish markets where everything is good and cheap. There are many old temples and monasteries worth of your attention. Without any doubt, you won’t be bored in Turkey.



Morocco has a pleasant climate during the whole year. You can enjoy beautiful seaside with clean beaches. Visiting cities like Marrakesh or Casablanca will be memorable. The first thing you need to do is to smoke shisha with a cup of green tea. Then, you can visit the world’s famous Sahara desert and ride camels there. Morocco is definitely among good places for couples to go. Have a walk in the old parts of the cities you visit. It will feel like you moved back in time. Streets go up the hills and are specifically made for walking. Morocco is very sunny, shiny, warm, and hospitable.  



Indonesia is often referred to as the country of a thousand islands. This tropical pearl of South East Asia will help you to get a marvelous vacation. Indonesia offers a lot. Traditional dishes might seem strange but you will definitely enjoy local seafood. You can visit jungles and see exotic animals. You can live in a bungalow just by the ocean. You can go hiking, diving, snorkeling, and try yoga. Don’t forget to visit Buddhist temples that are astonishing. By the way, most of them are thousands of years old. The best way to move is to rent a scooter or a motorbike. They’re really cheap. This way you’re going to see as many beautiful sunsets on the most amazing beaches in the world as you can. Finally, visit Bali, the hottest and the most recommended spot in Indonesia.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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