5 Exotic Waterfalls in Nepal

Blessed with incredible landscapes, snowy peaks, diverse culture, adventure and beautiful natural attraction, Nepal is a dreamland paradise that people look forward to visit every-year. Apart from all these, Nepal is also home to some exotic and magnificent waterfalls which are settled amidst the deep gorges.

Here below are 5 exotic waterfalls in Nepal located amidst the green valleys.

1. Pachal Jharna


Located at the Kalikot district of Karnali state Nepal, the Pachal Jharna is one of the highest waterfall in Asia. This magnificent hidden gem falls from a height of 481 meters and is located in one of the remote area of Nepal. This gigantic waterfall offers mesmerizing view and watching the water falling from such an enormous height is truly magical.

2. Pokali Waterfall


Located at the Pokali VDC of Okhaldhunga Nepal, this gigantic and magnificent waterfall falls from a height of 130 meters above the ground level. It is considered to be a religious site and locals often refer this area as “Dughdeshow Mahadev”.

3. Hyatung Waterfall


Located between Ishibu and Samdu VDCs of Terhathum District in Eastern Nepal, Hyatung waterfall falls from an enormous height of 365 meters. The volume of water increases in monsoon season which has added a flavor for the thrill seekers.

4. Annapurna Roadside Waterfall


Offering a thrilling trail to hike and triumph over heights, Annapurna Roadside waterfall is one of the paradise for the adventure junkies. It gives a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges and is one of the famous trails in the world.

5. Bhotekoshi Waterfall


Originated from the Tibetan tribe, the Bhotekoshi waterfall is also known as Rongshar Tsangpo. The waterfall is situated at a distance of 70 kms from Kathmandu, it offers adventure souls to experience rafting and canoeing amidst the wilderness of nature.

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