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Creativity in the Films – Young Nepali Filmmakers in Action

Gone are the days when you used to look up videos on television and the internet thinking how they had captured all those shots, those scenes and all the editing that made it amazing and improbable.  Here, we are in the time when something interests you, you can simply work on it through the tutorials you can get on the internet.

With the technology, right equipment you can get a video content with the visuals you have been looking for. Technology has made it easier for us to produce and edit films but does it really make a movie good or great?  What really matters in today generation is the story the video has got, the direction, the visuals that make people feel like they have been to the places that they have never been to, heard the stories of people they have never met, encounter a story that is something you were unknown to but still feel the tenderness or the wickedness to it.

Likewise, Nepali film industry is moving in great speed with the help of technology, great movies are being produced. They are not like the ones before, the quality to it had improved intensely. For the young people taking interest in such fields, it has become easier for them as well. Here are some of the videos made by Nepali youngster, trying to  portray what they see in the street that they always pass through, into the everyday life of people they are unknown to and the impression they have got of their country .

In these videos, they have portrayed different places of Nepal in the best way possible. With the angles, lightening, the stories they are conveying through these are just awesome. The moments they have captured through their lenses are just worth every time of yours. So give it up to these guys and more other people looking up to it.

D-Bash Visualz

“Nepal is a very beautiful country with mountains and greenery, but what really makes the country beautiful is the surrounding and the people. As a traveler, you would like to experience the country as if you are walking, standing and experiencing all the things. This motive lead me to make the video- Transcend to Nepal. With the sound and video, it transports the viewer to be amongst the people and see Nepal as if they were there. Nepal is not just mountains, there is more to it. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or ever touched – they must be felt with the heart”.” – Debashish Pradhan

Abin Bho

“Well, Aura of the valley is not just a video for me but my ultimate dream scripted into frames for which I had given a thought to my entire teenage days. Fascinated with the majestic beauty that laid upon the busy streets in Asan, those innocent faces that I stumbled upon, those dramatic lightings that fell upon heritages during evenings always made me crave a wish to create a graphic documentation for my country. There were times where I just wanted to go back home, get hold of my camera and just shoot the things I had laid my eyes on. So, in this video, I tried putting up all the things that I had missed in all those years. Yes, I am a teenager, I am constantly pulled by financial hardships, I didn’t have the awesome equipment. But I didn’t let all those get me, I used to wake up 7 in the morning, charge the camera and leave the house at 10. There were times I had to walk along the streets to get the bus, reach out to the places I had planned and start shooting. Those moments were all so precious as I was doing what I had wished for. Not being a resident of Kathmandu was a plus point for me as I wanted to explore all the places that lead me to the visions I was looking for. With wake up alarms in the morning and late night shoots for the video, I completed everything the video has got in 10 days, but the edit was a long work and fun. Anyways, Aura of the valley will always be a milestone for me. It helped me get out of my comfort zone, never complain, eat less, not care about my skin being roasted in heat and just shoot. All I had to do was just to press record and create something beautiful. For which, I present my more respected gratitude to my beloved country and I hope I can do something in the field of filmmaking for Nepal. “– Abin Bho

Sisan Baniya

“The western part of Nepal is perhaps the most authentic part of the country. Although the place much less tourist, west nepal offers an variety of places which is sure to give you an overwhelming experience. I had the opportunity to travel to these places. Butwal, Dang, Bardia National Park, Sukltaphat, Tikapur, Chisapani, Karlani, Dadeldhura, Dhangadi, Surkhet, Lamjung, Surkhet, Jumla, the Rara lake, Khaptad National park, Mahendra Nagar, Dodhara Chadani and many more places. Most fun of all we managed to celebrate holi with the tharus as well.Can’t wait to share my experience with you guys.” – Sisan Baniya

Ashish Bhandari

Do put up the ones you think were great and were missed in this articles of ours, the comment section is all yours for your recommendation. 

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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