Hunger Calls After Party ? Midnight Cravings ??

If you have been partying all night in Kathmandu, and suddenly there’s this voice in your stomach that wouldn’t just shut, then these are definitely the places you should be looking for. Not just for the party people, but the ones who enjoy being home and are lazy to please their tummies, this can be a big help for you as well.

Thella Gari
If you go around the streets of Kathmandu, you could see lots of thella gari (food cart) with a couple of bulbs attached to it. They serve you different variety of snacks. The one that I would recommend for you to try would be a wai-wai soup noodle, and a cup of tea. That combination goes very well especially during the winter. If you have a hard time finding such spots, aim for the ones near hospitals. You could see a couple there.

Sandwich points

If you are a party animal, you already know this. Thamel, one of the happening places to go at night time is filled with lots of sandwich points. They are open till late night, so you could grab your sandwich whenever you like or, you could pack it and take it to your place and enjoy it in your bed before sleep. Better to have something than go empty stomach right ?

24 hours Chinese Restaurant

It might be a little difficult to find this place, since it lies in the alley of Thamel. But, its always easy if you ask someone nearby , I would recommend someone local. The food there is good, delicious with reasonable price. It opens 24 hours, so you could go there whenever you like.

Bhok Lagyo

Bhok Lagyo, the term says it all, huh ? Bhok Lagyo means ‘Feeling hungry‘ in Nepali. It is a startup helping you to fill your late night cravings. If you are hungry, you could just call them any time you want, be it day time or midnight, and order your food. They would make home delivery for you.



Finally ,

If none of the above works for you, you better have something to eat when you get home or just
make your way to the bed with empty stomach and convince them to shut their noise until you wake up.


Well, these were some of my ways to get rid of hunger after party or while I am at home. You guys surely have your own ways as well, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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