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Problem With Waste? Doko’s got the Solution.

Waste Management is something that is not just our country’s problem but it has been effecting places all over the world, be it developed, under-developed or developing countries. Different initiatives are being taken by the people and the government to get rid of the waste.

In our country Nepal too, waste management is a major challenge. As you cross the streets, you can see a dump of garbage near the side walk, and people covering their face to get rid of the smell and sight. Not just the side walks, our rivers which were once so pure and holy are now just a flowing water with bunch of debris.

A man covers his nose as he walks past a pile of garbage dumped on the streets in Kathmandu January 22, 2009. Tonnes of garbage dumped on the streets in Kathmandu have left the Nepali capital choking in what is proving a new headache for the embattled government headed by the Maoist former rebels. REUTERS/Deepa Shrestha

In Kathmandu itself, each of us generate 320 grams of waste per day on average, where roughly 56% is organic, 16% is plastic, 16% is paper and 6% is glass. Statistically, Kathmandu produces more than 516,000 kg of waste in a single day, making that 188 million kilos in a year, and where do we dump them, that would be our rivers, streets, or an unsanitary landfill, causing more challenges for the people and the country in health, development and different other sectors.

 Taking all of these in consideration, Doko Recyclers, first of its kind, is one of the waste management company in Nepal, who has taken an initiative to reduce the waste that we produce through recycle and reuse. It mainly aims to make sure that the waste we create doesn’t end up on our streets or landfills but instead it would make a positive impact to our environment and economy through different measures.

Doko takes different types of waste like paper, plastics, glass, metals, and E-waste. With all the waste that you give them, you could get paid for the trash that you provide (“Trash for Cash”) based on the weight of it or simply donate them. They then take your trash, and recycle them and make them usable again. Recycling them the right way, only 10% of this waste would end up in a landfill making up to 90% recoverable.

The garbage that you provide them are sorted precisely at their Materials Recovery Facility. It’s a hygienic facility which meets high safety and labor standards. They are then cleaned and processed into bundles of paper and plastic of different color and sizes. These usable products are then passed on to different recycling factories that produce consumer goods which re-enter the market place.

To partner with Doko, you could just call them and then get your name registered, or sign up through their website ( They provide scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up, so you wouldn’t have to worry about going anywhere to dump your garbage.


To know more about Doko Recylers and their project, you could simply call them, visit their website( or check their facebook page (

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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