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One Of The World’s Beautiful Mountain- Ama Dablam

One The World's Beautiful Mountain- Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam is one of the sacred mountains of Nepal whose main peak is 6,812 meters (22,349 ft) tall and it’s lower western peak is 6,170 meters (20,243 ft). The height of this mountain is 6,812 m (22,349 ft). Meanwhile, Ama Dablam’s massive ice-coated granite pyramid dominates the skies over a trekker’s trail to the Everest Base.

The mountain is popularly known as the ‘The Himalayan Matterhorn.’ Moreover,  the glacier on its southwest side derives its name which  looks like a Jewell box hanging on the peak, thus the name Ama Dablam, meaning simply ‘The Jewell Box of the Mother.’

Features and Importance

The trek to Ama Dablam lets to behold the beauty of Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Makalu, and the Mt. Everest from the 17,000′ Renjo La Pass. Tourists often get fascinated with the incomparable picturesque view of Mount Everest Region.

One The World's Beautiful Mountain- Ama Dablam

An effort to reach the elegant summit at 20000 ‘on the Ama Dablam stunned you with an ascent of the Kyajo and the journey makes you to embrace the lush of Khumbu’s lively mountains, community, indigenous tradition, and culture.

Journey To Ama Dablam

To start your journey to Ama Dablam, you have to reach in Khumbu valley. A fall tour in the Khumbu Valley offers a peaceful contrast to the thrills of Everest in the busy season. The calm, velvety breeze of the forested hillsides and its shifting colors thrill senses at a time of the year. After that, you need to pursue a lesser-traveled path to the quiet Gokyo Alpine village where you can chill on the soothing banks of the Dudh Pokhari.

After that, you could start to explore the valley and the glacial lakes which is the Cho-Oyu ‘s South Face base. After dwelling around you have to return in Gokyo valley where Kyajo Ri stands at 20,295’, above the valley. Then you need to ascent which is made of a number of alpine ice and after your alpine climb, it ensures you to encounter the ideal resilience of Ama Dablam.

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Climbing Routes Of Ama Dablam

Three Climbing Routes Ama Dablam is a typical climb via the Southwest Slope, the same track as the first ascent of the mountain in 1961 followed by Ward (UK), Bishop (USA) and Gill (NZ). The path provides a variety and long and challenging ascent. At strategic locations, three high camps are set up. hThe climb up to Camp 1, which has the steep granite ridge.

One The World's Beautiful Mountain- Ama Dablam

The route from Camp 2 is practically more sophisticated when navigating pitches of steep ice and snow routes. From Camp -3 you Cross snowy arete (A sharp ridge) and bergschrund (Gap or crevasse on the edge) between the ice cliffs and the summit.

One The World's Beautiful Mountain- Ama Dablam

Interesting Facts

September 1997, Bear Grylls a British adventurer and television presenter on a show famously knowns Man Vs Wild became the youngest Briton to climb Ama Dablam at the age of 23. However, On 9 December 2019 John Sanderson-Rooney became the youngest English citizen to Summit at the age of 21.

Mount Ama Dablam is also popular among western musicians. The prominent singer/songwriter Nick Harper has a track on his 2010 album The Last Guitar entitled “Ama Dablam.

On 18 September 2013, World’s giant tech company Apple included a shot of Ama Dablam as their latest wallpapers in the iOS 7.

Interestingly, when a team led by Edmund Hillary scaled the mountain for the first time, Nepal’s King nearly imprisoned Hillary for climbing the sacred Ama Dablam without permission.

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