How Much You Know About Temples Of Nepal?

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  • Which temple of Nepal has a 492 temple and shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva including Phallic shrines?

    • Pathivara Temple
    • Pahupati Nath Temple
    • Krishna Temple
    • Changu Naraya Temple
  • Name the temple, founded by the great-grandfather of King Mānadeva which is believed to built about the beginning of the 5th century CE?

    • Pathivara
    • Manakamana
    • Swayambhunath
    • Changu Naraya Temple
  • Which Temple of Nepal considered to be the World’s highest temple?

    • Muktinath
    • Dakshinkali
    • Manakamana ,
    • Swayambhunath
  • Name the temple named after Goddess Sita, wife of lord Ram.

    • Changu Nearayan
    • Janaki Madir
    • Swayambhunath
    • Muktinath
  • Which Stupa of Kathmandu Valley has the Stone head of King Vikramaditya and in 1979, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

    • Dharmadhanntu Stupa
    • Bodha Stupa
    • Swayambhunath Stupa
  • In which district of Nepal Manakamana Temple is situated?

    • Chitwan
    • Bhojpur
    • Gorkha
    • Darchula
  • Name the temple which has a statue of Birupakshya which is also known as Kalli?

    • Bhutandevi
    • Changu Narayan
    • Pashupatinath
    • Bhadrakali
  • The oldest temple of Nepal was named after Bhaktapur’s Prince. The Manohara River flows beside the hill of this temple and the shrine is dedicated to lord Visnu. Name the temple.

    • Pashuatinath
    • swayambhu
    • Changu Narayan
    • Pathivara
  • Name the largest gufa/cave of Nepal.

    • Gupteswor Gufa
    • Mahendra Gufa
    • Churiyamai temple
    • Sidha Gufa

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