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Express WIFI – Collaboration Of Worldlink And Facebook

Worldlink is partnering with Facebook so that every Nepalese can get access to the internet throughout the nation. However, it does not mean that people will have aces the internet free of cost. Worldlink has just partner with Express WIFI  provided by Facebook. The main goal is to give access to the use of Facebook to the public without any additional cost.  Actually, WorldLink has been working with Facebook to do this and has provided WiFi in numerous public areas. WorldLink promised to make available Facebook express WiFi in Nepal public areas.

Moreover,  Facebook has been operating in numerous countries for Express WiFi in partnership with internet service providers in different countries. This service can be accessed from Asia, India, and Nepal, etc. On Facebook’s Express WiFi website, it is listed that WorldLink has supplied the facility on behalf of Nepal. As per the Facebook Express WiFi website, Facebook has provided the facilities and equipment required to provide the public with cheap, efficient, and high-speed WIFI.

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Details Of Express WI-FI

Express Wi-Fi works with an expanding community of mobile network operators and internet service providers to help them better deliver easy, accessible, secure, and scalable internet connectivity. Via this scheme, broadband providers collaborate with urban municipalities and local entrepreneurs to expand Wi-Fi coverage.

Facebook helps to further handle and improve the Wi-Fi offering by offering the entire Wi-Fi network that partners can access. Express Wi-Fi’s global team consists of topic experts dedicated to building a high-quality Wi-Fi network through successful collaborations around the world, which is easy, accessible, and secure.

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Worldlink Collaboration With Facebook

Facebook collaborates with local providers of telecoms and web-services that look forward to solving internet problems globally through express Wi-Fi. Express Wi-Fi is currently offered in eight countries, 2 of them Asia; India and Nepal. WorldLink has installed about 80 Hotspots, delivering up to 3 Mbps per user to a hotspot that links 300 users each at a time , plus no restriction on time and can use up to 1 GB of information per audience per day.

Kathmandu, Bharatpur, and Madhawaliya are the places where express WiFi connectivity is at work. They introduced their free Wi-Fi in world heritage sites for the first time and than hotels, cafes and restaurants. They get really positive ratings and comments and so in one year they plan to set up more than 10,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots. That is why Facebook teams up with WorldLink to expand its Express Wi-Fi via Facebook at Dasarath Rangashala.

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How To Get Access Of Express WI-FI In Nepal

  • First, the “Free WorldLink Express Wifi” is included in your Wifi List and then communicate with it.
  • Or you can open the linked WiFi automatically or search every website for a login pages.
  • Place your mobile number on “Get Online” now and next click.
  • You will automatically obtain the code required for login.
  • Enter the code and you’re able to use the Worldlink Free Express Wireless Internet.

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