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Skywalk In Bhedetar, Nepal

The outbreak of COVID-19 has doomed the Nepalese tourism sector. Visit Nepal2020 a tourism year of Nepal is bearing huge losses since the began of nationwide lockdown. However, recently Nepal government has open a trekking route and domestic tourism, in order to uplift the ruined tourism economic sector of Nepal. Nevertheless, the Province 1 government has decided to construct Skywalk in Bhedetar.

The local government is in hopes to bring dramatic and progressive change in their Province by building this skywalk in Bhedetar. It is one of its kind in the tourism sector of Nepal and Skywalk in Bhedetar is the second Skywalk project after the ongoing skywalk project of kamaladi, Kathmandu. For instance, the Province 1 government is agreed to build the Skywalk in Bhedater’s Charles view tower.

Location Of Skywalk Bhedetar

The confluence of Dhankuta with Sunsari is Bhedetar. While most of the land lies in the municipality of Sangurigadhi village of Dhankuta, some part of Bhedetar also falls in the sub-metropolitan city of Sunsari in Dharan.

Therefore a memorandum of understanding was signed between the municipality of Sangurigadhi village of Dhankuta, sub-metropolis of Dharan. Additionally, the State Investment Authority is also integrated into the project regarding the construction.

Details On Skywalk Of Bhedetar

Skywalk Wonders Amusement Parks and Attractions Pvt. Ltd designed a memorandum for the Skywalk in Bhedetar. The experts are r carrying out a research project to construct a skywalk at Charles Point (Shillong Hill) near Bhedetar Chowk, the company has also formed a DPR.

The Sangurigadhi Municipality will have to lease the land to Charles View Tower to the north (Dhankuta) and the Dharan Sub-Metropolitan Municipality will need to lease the land to the south (Sunsari).

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