Stunning Photos of This Year’s Photo Competition

On 21st Asar, 2075, Photo Patrakar Club had organized IME-GLobal-IME Nepal Photo Contest 2075. They had a number of categories–Smile, Daily Life, News, Nature and Wildlife, Culture and Tourism and sports mode.

Photo of the Year winner- Narendra Shrestha

The winner was awarded with one lakh rupees. The title for the winner was won by Narendra Shrestha. In his picture he had captured the moment of a father giving away his five years old child who had died due to the flood in Kuleri Village, Saptari last year. Shrestha had won the title and the cash prize and announced that he would be donating 70 percent of the amount to that family.


Here are the pictures from different categories,

Nepal Smile Mode, Frist Place- Dipendra Rocca. A kid swimming in a pond at Kirtipur,


Nepal Smile Mode, Second Place- Narendra Shrestha. Tirthama Rai, 100, at Pashupati old age home in Kathmandu.


Nepal Smile Mode, Third Place- Suraj Shrestha. Kids playing with mud.


Daily Life mode, First Place- Sunita Dongol. A woman walking amidst the dusty street of Lalitpur.


Daily Life mode, Second Place- Durga Rana Magar.  Farmers carrying his pet in Pandavagufa in Jumla.


Daily Life mode, Second Place- Keshav Thapa. Jolong bridge of Nepal’s long Mahakali river, which connects Dodhara and Chandni villages in Kanchanpur.


Culture and Tourism Mode, First Place- Kiran Shrestha. Kumari, the living Goddess.


Nature and Wildlife Mode, First Place- Shrimam Khatri. Chitwan National Park.


News Mode, First Place-  Gadhad Dhakal.


Culture and Tourism, Second Place- Dinesh Shrestha. Bel-bibaha being performed in the Banglakhmadi temple of Lalitpur.


Sports Mode, First Place- Pratik Rayamajhi. The mountain seen in the background with the participant on air in the Everest Marathon Championship.


News Mode, Second Place- Sanjog Manandhar. A girl helping disabled on wheelchair.


Sports Mode, Second Place- Ravik Upadhyay. Local youths play a volleyball in a village in Solukhumbu.
Nature and Wildlife, Second Place- Umidh Shakya. Shadow seen in the water of the crane waiting for fish in Koshi river.


Culture and Tourism Mode, Third place- Ajay Manandhar. Guruju firing canons on the occasion of Indra Jatra at Basantapur.


Variety and Wildlife, Third Place- Hainan Shrestha.  Chitwan National Park


News Series, Third Place- Scott Gautam. US Bangla Airlines crashes in Kathmandu


Sports Mode, Third Place- Chandra Buddha Acharya. The first bike race championship in Bhaktapur.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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