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Top 7 Nepali YouTube Channel Of 2017

YouTube has been a daily dose for us everyday.  There are YouTube channels for every category that you can even imagine. YouTube is an independent platform for everyone who can upload any kind of content and get viral within any time and get famous. There are lot of people or company uploading videos everyday but here we present you the top 5 YouTube channels of our nation. Thanks to them for uploading videos everyday and keeping us entertained everyday.

We came up with the list as based on the number of subscribers as of 2017. Find out these top channels.

1. Music Nepal  ( Subscriber – 914,792 + )

Music Nepal has the biggest number of music and related substance which incorporates tunes from various sorts in various dialects and distinctive sorts of instruments. They have got more than 90% of the total Nepali songs from almost all the past and contemporary Nepali artists.With such immense assets of Nepali music, Music Nepal has figured out how to continue standard with this notoriety by giving a one-stop answer for all computerized sound, video music needs and requests, and all data that matters.

2. Highlights Nepal  ( Subscriber – 644,379 + )

Highlights Nepal primarily started by providing (Audio, Video & SMS) aggregation services. Today, they have more than 25000 songs and more than 500 music labels, more than 200 Nepali movies.They are the biggest content supplier for National and International Digital Content Marketing.

3. Buddha Subba Digital Pvt. Ltd ( Subscriber – 582,584 + )

Buddha Subba Music Center (BSMC) has been registered and established on 1997 A.D. and they have been official on YouTube from 27th Nov 2013. They are well known for producing various kinds of Nepalese music and promotion of Nepalese films.

4. Explore Gadgets ( Subscriber – 436,349 + )

Explore Gadgets make different informational videos, specially related with tech. They have got awesome tech and gadgets, androids apps & games, and many more videos.

5. SongsNepal ( Subscriber – 376,588+ )

SongsNepal is Nepali Music Videos, Movies, Recording and Promotion Company. It aims to provide all Nepali Music Videos through one source for easy access to Nepali Music Videos, movies, recording and promotion.

6) Media Hub Pvt. Ltd – ( Subscriber –  3,14,524+ )

Media Hub Pvt. Ltd are very popular among the Nepalese TV channels for creating comedy TV Series like Meri Bassai, Tito Satya, Jire Khursani and Bhadragol. Due to the popular TV series upload they have gained Lol oF subscribers all around the world who enjoy watching funny TV series.

7) OSR Digital – ( Subscriber 278,526+ )

OSR Digital is one of the largest Digital and physical (CD/VCD/DVD) movies distribution company in Nepal. It is one of the largest super hit Nepali movie entertainment contain provider for Youtube channels in Nepal.

From this list it is very sure that we Nepalese love movie and music than other casual stuff on YouTube. If you think we missed some of the channels which should be on the list then please do let us know in the comment section. 

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