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Up for Adventure ? Listen up the experience.

When was the last time you had an adrenaline rush? Was it the time you took great step in your life, or the time you confessed your feelings to your crush, or from the adventurous activity you thought you couldn’t do. Adventure, something everyone looks up to; some make their daily dose whereas others make time for it from their monotonous life. Here are some adventurous activities you can try in Nepal. If you are not sure for it, listen up the experiences of those who has done it and then make up your mind.

Nepal being a country full of adventurous activities, there are a lot of actions you can participate in. You would obviously know about the activities that you would want to try from people, internet. But here, we have got some say from the people who have actually taken the courage to do those. By reading their experiences, maybe you could come to a conclusion whether that’s what you want to do, feel.


“I was all excited and pumped up for the jump. I looked down, all I could see was this thread like white stream of water and then heard the count down 3,2,1…. I took a huge jump as possible and then felt the free fall. Man… the freefall, that is something I would be remembering for a life time. The free fall experience was so crazy; I would love to jump off that bridge just for that. It was like those cartoon moments, when they hit the extra speed button and you see their faces parallel with the wind.” – Dorjee Lama


“Bungee and paragliding are two of the things in my list of experience I want to gain. So whenever the opportunity stroked I just went for it. When I first did paragliding it was magical to be in air, looking down, having to feel like an eagle. Then, I went for bungee, standing at the edge of the platform – thinking of why am I doing this and forgetting everything, everyone was the best feeling before the leap. After having done bungee and paragliding I feel more alive, I call it – living for the ordeals, challenge your life every time.” –Debashish Pradhan

“Oh wow… I can still have the view of the hills and the Phewa lake right in front of my eyes. Having the opportunity to see it all from the top, that too while I was in air, oh boy… take me back. The stillness in it while in the air was just breathtaking.” – Nina Sharma


“It was 5 years ago, I had no idea how to swim and our rafting guide was giving us instructions on how to call for help in case you fell off the boat. I was starting to have second thoughts about rafting, but then my friends urged me to do it anyway and so I did. The tides were awesome, and I even managed to float in the river for a while (since I couldn’t swim and I had a life jacket on). After I got off the boat, my anxiety turned into euphoria and I was like, “F**** YEAHHH!”” –Rubik Joshi

Off-road Bike:

“While I pedal my bike up the hill, its pretty challenging but the feel while you get to the top, the beauty of nature is something worth riding for.   It’s a thrilling experience and never ending learning process of body balance, not just the physical balance but mental balance as well. Without the balance, ride on those trail is scary; the fear of falling from the cliff, one wrong move and you could end up on the other side of the path. But that’s what the ride is about.” –Jay

These aren’t just the activities you can take part in, but there are much more. And if you have done the ones above, or maybe some other activities that has not been mentioned above, do share your experience in the comment section below.  

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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