“Exploring the Hidden Gem of Nepal: A Journey Through Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve”

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a hidden gem located in the western region of Nepal. Spanning over an area of 1,325 square kilometers, it is the only hunting reserve in the country and is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

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The reserve is situated in the Dhaulagiri range of the Himalayas and is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. It is particularly known for its population of blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, and musk deer. In fact, it is one of the few places in the world where you can find the elusive Himalayan tahr. The reserve also has a rich avian population, with over 250 species of birds, including the impeyan pheasant, also known as the national bird of Nepal.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a trekker’s paradise as it offers several trekking routes, with varying degrees of difficulty. The most popular trek is the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve trek, which takes you through the reserve’s beautiful landscape and offers a chance to see the rare and endangered animals that call it home. The trek usually starts from the Baglung district, and the trail passes through dense forests, rhododendron and bamboo groves, and beautiful meadows.

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The reserve is also popular among hunters, as it offers hunting permits for a variety of animals, including blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, and musk deer. However, hunting is only allowed during a specific period of the year, and the number of permits issued is limited to ensure the sustainable management of the reserve’s wildlife population.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is also home to several ethnic communities, including the Magars, Gurungs, and Chhetri, who have been living in harmony with nature for centuries. Visitors can get a glimpse of their traditional lifestyle and culture during their trek.

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Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The reserve offers a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas, see rare and endangered animals, and learn about the traditional lifestyle of the ethnic communities that call it home. It is also a perfect destination for those who love to trek and hunt. So, pack your bags and head out to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve for an unforgettable experience in Nepal.

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