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Vital Cycling Tips From Experienced Cyclists

For nearly a decade, the number of bicycle accident deaths declined. However, recent studies show that bicycle accident deaths are increasing. In fact, fatal bike accidents are outpacing all other traffic-related deaths. Therefore here are the some tips to stay safe while cycling.

Understand The Necessity of Helmet

Helmet in Cycling is the most safety stuff in order to reduce the risk of a serious injury. Studies have show that 70% of serious injuries risk were redeemed by the using Helmet. Head injuries are the the vital cause of fatal bike accident so perhaps you should realize the importance of Helmet before you ride your bike.

Ride Wisely and Follow the Rules of the Road

Bicyclists are considered vehicles on the road and must follow traffic laws that apply to motor vehicles. You should know the the basic laws for cyclist before you roll with your ride. Always use correct hand signals so others can anticipate your actions. If you choose to ride on a sidewalk, take extracaution at driveways and other intersections. Check for traffic by looking left-right-left before entering a street.

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Be Visible

Wear fluorescent and neon colors. Wear the special types of clothing for reflective purpose. There are many option nowadays which has reflective materials in clothing like retro-reflective vests, jackets, wristbands, and patches for your back, legs and arms, and helmet etc.

Always Stay Alert And Focus

You should stop trying to look cool and avoid using headphones because they hinder your ability to hear traffic and surroundings. Use additional care in wet weather, ice, frost, and wind.  Slow down your pace and allow additional time and space to stop.  Use additional attention when you cross bridges.

Share the Road

When you ride on roads, consider yourself the driver of a vehicle and always keep safety in mind. Ride in the bike lane, if available. However, if the lane is narrow, it may be safer to “take” the lane by riding in the middle, rather than “share” the lane with a vehicle.

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Install Reviewer Mirrors

Installing rearview Mirrors on your haldlebars will help to see what’s behind you and it will also help you to give sides for the one who are in rush on the road.

Know The Weather Before you Drive

Before going for cycling, always stay updated with the weather forecast. Wear waterproof gear as needed. You might even want to carry a backpack to hold lightweight extra layers and other essentials for every ride.

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