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10 Places To Visit Around Patan

Bhimsen Tempel

The Bhimsen Temple at the end of Durbar Square is a holy holiest place in the city and is one of the Five Pandavas devoted to Bhimsen. The deity of commerce and industry is seen as Bhimsen. The pagoda has three-story and what makes it different than other temples is that it has an unusual rectangular plan. The temple was built centuries ago and rebuilt in 1682.
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Jagan Narayan Tempel

The Temple of Jagan Narayan praises the Hindu deity of protection and preservation, Lord Vishnu. It is a huge, spectacular temple founded in the 17th century. The temple is a pagoda designed by Shikhara and constructed across the temple as rising walls, which render it to look like a mountain top.

Hari Shanker Temple

This three storey temple dedicated to Hari Shankar, however, it is also viewed as an amalgamation or a combination of Vishnu and Shiva. It was designed in 1704-05 by King Yoganarendra Malla.

Rudra Varna Mahavihar

Rudra Varna Mahavihar Temple is used as a traditional Buddhist temple during the year for big coronation ceremonies. For their sculptures, the walls and altars are very common. Although the temple is not on the main street and must be checked via Patan ‘s rear alleys, the site is worth a visit.

Buddhist artifact of Rudra Varna Mahavihar temple in Patan. Lalitpur. Nepal.

The temple has much golden decoration and many complex ceremonies, which evoke a variety of emotions at once. The location is good because it is off from a daily path of visitors.

Patan Museum

This was once the old Malla Kings’ home. But now there are some of the finest art collections here. The museum is best recognized for its sculpture, symbolism, and design. Basically it is the palace surrounding Keshav Narayan Chowk.

The collections here are displayed in timbre and brick rooms, each one of which is linked with a narrow staircase and it ensures that the exhibits hold your interest for a long time.

Krisnhna Mandir Temple

Situated in the middle of Patan Durbar Street, Krishna Mandir is the temple that was built in Shikhara style. The second floor has a base, which is one of this Mandir or temple’s most significant things.

The first floor has Mahabharata statues, while the second floor speaks of the glory of Ramayana. It is assumed that this site was built in 1637 by Kin Siddhinarasimh Malla. This was founded as he saw Radha and Krishna at the place where the temple was constructed, standing next to each other.

Mahaboudha Temple

Mahabouddha Tempel is a sacred place in the Patan The temple has a lot of sunlight and is built in the typical Shikhara style. The hundreds of terracotta tiles that cover it have an image of Buddha.

Mangal Bazaar

Tourists who like shopping, this place is must visit place for them. UNESCO also includes it in the World Heritage Area. It’s the cultural center of the city which makes this place so famous. The bazaar is located in close proximity to some major temples and the Patan Museum.

Khumbeshwar Temple

Kumbeshwar temple is a must-visit when you visit Patan. This temple has five stories and features tall, thin mandir design. The artistic woodcarving appears to defy gravity and instantly captures attempt.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. However, there is also the Nandi statue standing high. The holiest site is split into two ponds in which water falls from the holy lake Gosainkund. Bathing in the temple is considered to be almost as meritorious as bathing in the lake itself. The surrounding smaller temples are dedicated to Baglamukhi or Parvati.

Hiranya Varna Mahavihar or Golden Temple

The major highlights of this place are the elaborate rituals and traditions that the temple has for different ceremonies. That’s what makes it more exciting than you can imagine. It is here that you will find the elegance of Buddhist architecture.

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