Dashin In The Shadow Of Covid-19 Pandemic

It has long been a happier time of the year when the harvests are in the clouds, and behind wooded ridgels, the frozen peaks stamping. The time is ripe for people to leave for their hometowns and empty Kathmandu. Dashin is a season of renovation and optimism. Dasain is Nepal’s season, but there are several concerns that can temporarily draw focus away from this great festival of Nepal.

Due to pandemic and long running nationwide lockdown, it has totally stranded the normal people. Similarly like the rest of the world, Coronavirus has also hits Nepal’s econmy very badly. And as the Dashin festival has arrived, people are not so joyful like they used to be in previous years.

A new poll by the public found that Nepalese people are most worried about unemployment, inflation, welfare, children’s schooling and crumbling infrastructure. Strangely, they do not complain about the government, perhaps because they do not expect anything from the government. They have stopped grumbling about corruption because that is the way it is.

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The pandemic spreads like a wildfire ahead of the festival and health Specialists have alert people and government regarding the speculation on super-spreading Covid-19 during the Dasain and Tihar. And the reason behind this is travel. As of now, Kathmandu spent the lead, lagging behind in research, converting poorly run quarantine centers into virus incubators, therefore capital city is the hub for covid-19 and millions of people will leave Kathmandu during this festival.

Dashin In The Shadow Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation Management hopes to open bookings for long-route buses starting mid-October. The department estimates only a fourth of the normal Dashain traffic will leave for their ancestral homes this year. In the previous years, over two million people did.

It seems like the government has now given up on the virus in Nepal. It left people to take their own precautions. Whereas the recent activates of the Nepal government seems to be to sustain the economy so that the government keeps on collecting tax revenue. Even the internal loop is infected, leaders struggled to and they have enforced the SARS-CoV-2 policy. In reality, the pandemic has once again shown the insufficient policy of the Nepal government and their lack of supervision to handle the spreading of Covid-19.

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No doubt that Nepalese people are not going to celebrate this year festival like they used to celebrate before. However, in recent days people have started to get back into their normal life which has caused drasticall rise in Covid-19 cases. Health experts has already given a warning and under their speculation, the cases of covid-19 will rise more in coming days. People will travel, and the movement of people will take place in the entire nation during the pandemic so, there is a high chance that the virus will spread more in the coming days.


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