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Stray Dogs During COVID 19

Do you think the Global Pandemic has hit hard on Human life? Well think again, It’s not only human that the pandemic had an adverse effect on but Animals too. The life of stray dogs is hard in itself but the outbreak has made it even harder. You can raise your voice against the government to ask for help to those who have but they cannot ask for help all they can do is starve to death.

They are voiceless they cannot ask for help from you it’s your responsibility to feed them and provide shelter being a human in this Global Outbreak of the Nobel Corona Virus.

Nation Wide Lockdown

The Nationwide lockdown was imposed by the government in Nepal from March 24 to 21 June. During this time only limited Local public transport, Opening of shops, and restaurants were allowed. Which did not only impacted the human lives, It also impacted the thousands of street dogs and animal lives.

According to the federation of Animal welfare of Nepal, there are around 26, 000 street dogs inside Kathmandu valley. Who depends upon the local butchers, restaurants, and passerby for their food and Lively hood and. Since Nepal has been struggling to fight with the global pandemic for the survival they have been fighting with hunger as there is little to no movement of people and local restaurants and butcher shops remained closed. And even the government is having trouble in their system.

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Lockdown Impacts

As the nationwide lockdown was imposed and only emergency services were running. They started to get hungry and there was little to nothing which they can feed on to. With the increasing lockdown and Hunger, they started to show changes in their behavior. They were more aggressive and scared. The situation might have its psychological impacts on them as well. 

They were showing cannibalistic behavior due to hunger like eating dogs or cattle, though biting a human is a rare thing but it can be found in Feral dogs when they are hungry.

As it has been a long period of time they have been in little to no contact with human being they are getting used to not being in contact with the human being. According to Basu Parajuli of KAT, the street dogs would not even eat until they left them.

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The Helping Hands

Seeing the Need and situation of the stray dog’s many individuals and organizatio came forward to help them. Sonam Deckey who often used to feed stray dogs around his neighborhood has been active after the lockdown as he has been distributing biscuits to the street dogs around his neighborhood.

The SPCA Nepal has been providing food to 300 – 400 street dogs of Swoyambhu, Maharjgunj, Lazimpat, and Jamal Area. Kathmandu Animal treatment got the permission of CDO to feed and check the conditions of the community dog. They have been feeding around 300 dogs in a day.

Similarly, Jane Goodall Institute and Human Society Institution have been helping in feeding the Urban dog of all 32 wards of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. They have appointed local volunteers as an animal management assistant to feed the dogs around their neighborhood who are being suggested to encourage community members in their areas to feed their dogs. 


However many individuals who use to feed dogs before the pandemic have stopped feeding them with the fear and misconception regarding the COVID 19. As there is a concept that they are also a potential threat to the transmission of COVID 19 to a human being. However, to date, only 2 cases of COVID  in HongKong and one in the USA has been seen on pets. Still, there is no evidence that suggests the possible transmission of the virus from pets to human beings.

So, rather than being afraid to feed them, we should come forward to help them as they cannot share and express the way we can. They have been suffering and we can end their suffering simply by offering some food. The stray dogs wouldn’t have to go hungry if only an individual feeds one dog. So, all of you out there your simple gesture of giving can save a life.

Yes, you alone cannot change the situation but you can start the change from you.

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