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Guidelines For Trekking In Nepal During COVID-19 Pandemic

On 15 September, the Nepalese Government agreed to allow foreigners to visit the country for trekking and mountaineering purposes. New guidelines for international visitors have been released by the Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Nepalese in order to decrease the spread in alpinism and trekking events.ourists must secure an entry-visa, or an entry-permit in absence of visa-provision in their countries in co-ordination with respective agencies.

Travelers still need to submit a PCR test carried out just 72 hours ago which shows they have been negative with Covid-19. In addition to the records, the person has to make reservations for the hospital or hotel where he or she is going to be in quarantine for at least seven days.

Guideline To Trek In Nepal During Pandemic

  • The traveler may also take a PCR test at his own cost on the fifth day of the quarantine in addition to the above conditions and, whether the outcome is positive, the individual may continue in quarantine before they are testing negatively.
  • The ministry also said that before seeking a license, the Trekking or Mountaineering Agency should provide Nepalese travelers with a total of 100,000 NPR against coronavirus.
  • Travel lovers will have to stick to all standards developed by the Ministry of Health.
  • On July 30 after an almost five-month closure due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Nepal opened Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks.
  • Any expedition in the spring season normally lasting between March and May was disrupted following the pandemic.
  • The government ceased issuing climbing permits for expeditions and, in the spring season of 2020, canceled issued allowances on 13 March.

Which Nation citizen are eligible to travel Nepal during a Pandemic?

Flights will first fly only from the least affected countries of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. The government didn’t figure out which countries would be the first, but said that more countries would be eventually introduced. All nations might be accepted in Nepal, but only passengers from low-risk countries would travel in.

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Safety And Measures Need To Follow By Trekkers

  • Travel with your masks on the Nepal hike.
  • Please notify your guide and leader if you find signs of any disease during your trekking.
  • Travel care protection for the assessment of the helicopter.
  • In your packs, bring your sanitizer.
  • You can consent to comply with the Trekking Agency’s health and safety guidelines.
  • Do not use the ordinary items, bring your own personal and toilet products on the walk.
  • Trekkers have to monitor their wellbeing at the healthcare centre.
  • The guide must be supplied with personal kits, including first aid, guants, masks and other accessories.
  • The adventure guide offers meals and teas so that trekkers can discourage utensils being shared.
  • Evitate the local residents and your precious ones shaking hands and kissing them and follow Namaste by slipping your hands to the local people.

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Is Nepal Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic?

During this pandemic, the main explanation of trekking in Nepal is that the local people’s greeting is extremely desirable and that they are less likely to spread from person to individual. The trekking services are also affordable and certain items can earn a discount.

You can fly back for cycling, camper or biking, following the safety protocols given by the Tourism Board in Nepal and your organization. Even during this pandemic, trekking in Nepal is highly acceptable, as Nepal is a very quiet tourism destination. You can have an enticing view of the natural nature with the very quiet and less crowded trekking route.

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