Got a Nepali Passport? Here are the Countries you can go without a visa

Traveling is one of the ways of living one’s life. Going to a new place, learning the culture, meeting new people with their unique tradition and values are something everyone should experience. Broadening your mind with different sites and knowledge is always great.

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But in the world that we live in, with borders and partition among many other things, traveling has become a little difficult for some people. We, Nepali people, are one of the many people that go through a hard time while we plan to travel around the world. Issuing a visa is one of the problems while we travel, with our green Nepali passport it’s not that easy to get a visa to any countries.

So here, we have listed some of the countries that we could travel without a visa. Some being beautiful nature wise, some of the architectural beauty and many more.


  • Bolivia: Visa on arrival -90 days
  • Burundi:  Visa on arrival – 30 days; obtainable at Bujumbura International Airport
  • Cambodia: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Cape Verde: Visa on arrival
  • Comoros: Visa on arrival
  • Djibouti: Visa on arrival
  • Dominica: Visa not required – 21 days
  • Gambia: Visa not required – 90 days
  • Guinea-Bissau: Visa on arrival – 90 days
  • Haiti: Visa not required – 3 months
  • India: Freedom of movement; Nepalese citizens may live and work freely in India under the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.
  • Kenya: Visa on arrival – 90 days
  • Laos: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Madagascar: Visa on arrival – 90 days
  • Malawi: Visa not required – 90 days
  • Maldives: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Mali: Visa on arrival
  • Mauritania: Visa on arrival
  • Micronesia: Visa not required – 30 days
  • Mozambique: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Myanmar: eVisa – 28 days. eVisa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay airports.
  • Pakistan: Visa not required – 1 month
  • Palau: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Philippines: Visa not required – 30 days
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Visa not required – 30 days
  • Samoa: Entry Permit on arrival – 60 days
  • Serbia: Visa required -Visa-free for a maximum stay of 90 days for valid visa holders or residents of the European Union member states and the United States.
  • Seychelles: Visitor’s Permit on arrival – 1 month
  • Singapore: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Somalia: Visa required -Visa on arrival for 30 days, provided an invitation letter issued by the sponsor has been submitted to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival.
  • Sri Lanka: Electronic Travel Authorization – 30 days; must hold return or onward ticket
  • Tanzania: Visa on arrival – 3 months
  • Timor-Leste: Visa on arrival – 30 days
  • Togo: Visa on arrival – 7 days
  • Tuvalu: Visa on arrival – 1 month
  • Uganda: Visa on arrival
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Written by Dorjee Khando

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