Path Filled With Opportunities–Youth Opportunities in Nepal

The building block of the nation, that’s what people refer youth to. The age group who are now in a phase where they learn, experience, gain skill, so they can make an impact in the future. Making an impact not just for themselves, but for the nation, the people, and the world.

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Youth, according to the UN, classifies the people between the ages of 18 and 24 years. People from this age group are usually in their run for school, colleges, or work. However, not everyone has an opportunity to get what the word states.

The literacy rate of youth in Nepal was reported at 89.95 % in 2015, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources. That is a decent stats for a developing country like Nepal. There are numerous talented and smart people growing in our country. People having the capabilities to make our nation better.

In Nepal’s democratic movements, the youth have played a vital role and made a tremendous sacrifice. They have been regarded as an important force in the process of political change in Nepal. Yet, they have not been given the vital roles when it comes to managing.

One of the things that have been lacking for the youth’s growth is a platform. A platform where they can prove themselves, explore them. With a number of young people in the country holding qualified degrees, there are obstacles that each of them faces. Be it with the further studies, or the job they want, or the path they want to choose. To make it easier, there are a number of opportunities that one can look up to. But the bridge between the people and opportunities are yet to be built.



One of the organizations that have taken a step to be the bridge is Youth Opportunities (YO). They facilitate the young people with a number of options that the world has got to offer them. They not only give you a national network but an international platform where you could engage in bigger and vast subjects. They are working to build global awareness by sharing opportunities to ensure free and equal access regardless of geographical location. Opportunities have been divided into various sections as such conferences, exchange programs, internships, scholarships, workshops, and competitions.

Youth Opportunities is the largest discovery opportunities platform for youths across the globe. The purpose of this platform is to provide opportunities for young people to explore and prepare themselves to face challenges and excel in their career growth. This platform work to bridge between youth and their scope to contribute to creating a better world. YO thrives on promoting youth development and thus, produces and delivers high-quality, value-additive educational and capacity building materials. The purpose is to facilitate young people in translating every opportunity into success. YO works relentlessly to create an efficacious bridge between opportunity seekers with opportunity providers for mutually beneficial development through sharing information.

Likewise, for different countries, they have got a platform for Youth Opportunities where the moderator is the native of that particular country and they play the role to keep the young people updated about the opportunities that are waiting for them. Along with it, people from different fields post opportunities in that particular group to keep the people updated with what they are missing.

In Nepal as well, we have a community of people forming “Youth Opportunities Nepal”, where there are 2500+ people and many more as they join looking for opportunities and giving opportunities to the people. Here, Tej Upreti is the country ambassador from Nepal at Youth Opportunities.

“My roles and responsibilities include contributing opportunities of Nepal to YO website, moderating the Facebook group of YO Nepal, sharing every kind of opportunities to youths of Nepal, creating partnerships with different media houses and also International Organizations and lastly maintain the strong relationship between 100 plus different countries. I will also be representing Nepal in various global forums as a delegate from the country. I will be the first person to approach regarding any opportunities.”–Tej Upreti, Country Ambassador, Youth Opportunities

Former United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that “Youth are a transformative force; they are creative, resourceful and enthusiastic agents of change who are it in public sphere cyberspace.” With that statement, why don’t we, all the young people in the nation, come hand in hand and make a path filled with opportunities for our fellow members. Let’s get connected and build a better nation, world for the people.

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Written by Dorjee Khando

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