Places to Visit Near Biratnagar

Being the second largest city in Nepal, Biratnagar encompasses some unique wildlife reserves such as Koshi Tappu which is home to many birds and animals. You can also enjoy some delicious and finger-licking street food such as momos, chats and many more on your next visit to Biratnagar.

Here below are few things you can do while on your stay at Biratnagar.

1. Haat Bazaar

 The bazaar is a local marketplace where you can surely have a gala time enjoying yourselves in the open market eating some local foods offered by several small vendor stores and shopping around. Located in the Eastern region of the city, the market will surely rejuvenate you and leave you with lots of memories.

2. Biratnagar Jute Mills

Established in the year 1936, it is one of the most popular Jute mills in Nepal. The mill was first registered as a company in the country; therefore being an inspiration for the industrial revolution and development of manufacturing companies across Nepal. The company has resumed its operation after being shut down in year 2014.

While on your stay, make sure to visit this old and most famous Jute mill in the country.

3. Koshi Tappu

Founded in year 1976, this wildlife reserve is located on Sapta Koshi River, and is home to almost 600 species of bird and various other endangered species. The place is prominent for gigantic dolphins, along with bog muggers, blue bulls, porcupines, and golden jackals. You can also spot some rare species of birds which can only be found here.

4. Barahakshetra

One of the greatest Hindu pilgrimages in Nepal, Barahakshetra is the place where Lord Bishnu’s pig – shaped incarnation; Barah battled with an evil spirit called Hiranakshya and killed him. The pictures of Barah and the hog are spread all through the sanctuary and is located at the confluence of Saptakoshi and Koka Rivers.

The serene and beautiful surroundings of the temple along with a bridge that connects the temple to the mountain makes it worth a visit.

5. Bhedetar

It is a small hill station which allows people to view the lush green landscapes of the city from a built-in tower. The place remains cool throughout the year and thus people often come here to beat the summer heat. Along with the scenic beauty of the majestic hills, you can also see Char Kosh Jadi- one of the dense forest in Nepal, Dhankuta Bazaar and Saptakoshi River- one of the biggest river in Nepal. The experience one gets here is surely worth a million dollars.

6. Namaste Jharna

About 5 kilometers away from the Bhedetar Bazaar, lies a breath-taking waterfall, known as Namaste Jharna. The path to reach the waterfall is difficult but once you reach there, trust me, all your pain and exhaustion will surely go away. Irrespective of the icy cold water, one cannot resist going in there and enjoying the crystal clear water making it worth a visit.

7. Koshi River

Considered as one of the most sacred rivers in the Hindu mythology, a visit to Koshi River will provide you a serene and tranquil environment. The river is surrounded by major hill stations and other several tributaries. Koshi River is also a perfect destination for river rafting, fishing, cannoning and for various other adventure sports.

Did we miss out any place? If yes, do let us know below in the comments section.

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Written by Rashmi Lohia

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