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Reasons to add honey to your diet

We are all looking to become a healthier and fitter person every New Year Season, and this year is no different.  While we do want to fulfill our New Year’s resolutions, somewhere around mid-January or February of the New Year, all motivation seems to run out. We forget about the gym membership we have, the yoga pants we invested in and that we should indulge in a big truckload of pizzas and beers for the rest of the year.  

So, what if we said that adding one, just one, ingredient to your diet could change you in ways unimaginable? Yes, we are talking about honey, honey.  Consume this nutrition packed food daily and the transformation results will boggle your mind.

Here, we have a couple of reasons why you should definitely add honey to your diet in 2018:

1. Honey helps with weight loss management:


The consumption of honey has been linked to weight loss by some studies. Replacing the intake of sugar by honey can help to reduce packing on extra pounds. Studies at the University of Wyoming state that honey consumption suppresses appetite and concludes that it offers potential obesity protective effects.

2. Honey is less bad than sugar for diabetics:


Regular consumption of honey has been proven to help in the reduction of the development of diabetes and aid in the treatment of the same. When sugar is replaced by honey, it helps in blood sugar management. Consuming honey with cinnamon is especially beneficial for controlling diabetes.

3. Works as a natural cough syrup:


Honey can effectively replace over-the-counter cough syrups in treating coughs and irritation of the throat. It has been found that a single dose of honey can immediately reduce the secretion of mucus and coughs and is recommended to be consumed before bedtime.

4. Honey helps to promote sleep:


The consumption of honey before bedtime helps to restore sleep as it works to restock the liver’s glycogen level which prevents the brain from triggering a crisis for fuel, which might wake you up.

5. It counters pollen allergies:


For those of you who have to deal with pollen allergies, honey can be your best friend as honey contain bee pollen, which has been proven to provide allergy relief, prevent infections and boost immunity.

6.       Anti-oxidant supplier:


The daily consumption of honey can increase the level of health-promoting anti-oxidants in the body and block radicals that cause diseases. It contains polyphenols, which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer.


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Written by Prajita Gupta

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