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    Things to Do in Bardia National Park | OmgNepal

    Royal Bengal Tiger The rare species of the tiger, and can only be found in the subcontinent of India from 12000 to 16000 years. Royal Bengal tiger belongs from Panthera trigris trigis native. However, due to illegal hunting, these tigers are at the stage of extinction. But in Bardia National Park, you could spot these […]

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    Things to Do in Chitwan

    Planning your next trip to Chitwan? Get ready to mesmerize yourself in the scenic beauty of the hills alongside the open grassland and dense forest–flora and fauna and fall in love with the nature. Chitwan National Park established in the year 1973 is the first National park of Nepal. It was declared as UNESCO Natural […]

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    Places to visit in Nepal during the winter

    Nepal is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape that offers a variety of activities and attractions to visit during the winter season. Here are some suggestions for places to visit in Nepal during the winter. Pokhara is a city located in the western region of Nepal. It is known for its beautiful lakes, temples, […]

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    11 Rarest Fauna’s Only Found In Nepal

    11 Rarest Fauna's Only Found In Nepal

    The diversify climate of Nepal which ranges from tropical to arctic has enables Nepal’s territory to be the home of many rare fauna as well as wild animals. Besides, the natural beauty of the country, large number of tourists also came in Nepal to encounter some exceptional breed of animals and fauna. We can say […]

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    UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Nepal

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites are adored and visited by tourists from all over the world. Nepal itself is home to 10 well-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are a must-visited sites for travelers visiting Nepal. These heritage sites are amazing man-made wonders throughout the world. Some of those listed in Nepal are over 2500 years […]

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    Most Beautiful Ramsar Sites Of Nepal

    Ramsar sites are the international treaty intended to emphasize the collective effort for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands. Its overall idea is based on the fundamentals of ecological functions of wetlands and their economic, cultural, scientific, and recreational value. There are 2331 Ramsar sites around the world as per 2018. The Ramsar sites […]

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    New Threat For Endangered Breed One Horn Rhino

    Being one of the rare breeds, the one-horned rhino has faced so much over the year. The high demand for their skin and horn in the black market had almost lead them to extinct. Moreover, wildlife trafficking was the major cause of the shrinking numbers of these animals previously. Meanwhile, the endangered animal one horn […]

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    Nepal’s Greater One Horned Rhinoceros

    One Horned Rhinoceros is an endangered species which can be found in South Asian territory. A matured rhino weights between  2 – 3 metric tons and it’s natural skin color is Grey. According to studies, the total number of rhino in the world is around 2000 where 100 rhinos: Kaziranga, National Park in Assam, India […]

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    Stunning Photos of This Year’s Photo Competition

    On 21st Asar, 2075, Photo Patrakar Club had organized IME-GLobal-IME Nepal Photo Contest 2075. They had a number of categories–Smile, Daily Life, News, Nature and Wildlife, Culture and Tourism and sports mode. The winner was awarded with one lakh rupees. The title for the winner was won by Narendra Shrestha. In his picture he had […]

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    Top 5 Destinations From Kathmandu

    Though many people head straight to the towering Himalayas and mountain trekking circuits the moment they touch down, Nepal is a lot more than simply altitudes and conquered peaks. So if you want to see as much of this mountain kingdom as possible during your stay, here are the top five Nepal tours to get […]

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    Mahabharat Range Of Nepal

    Mahabharat Range consists of the Terai region of Nepal and it is also known as the lower Himalayan range. Mainly Inner Terai Valleys which is also known as the “bhitri Terai ” in the Nepali language. Mahabharat range is enclosed by the Sivalik Hills from the southern part and includes astounding terai duar savanna and […]