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All you Need To about Krishna Mandir, Patan

Situated in the middle of Patan Durbar Street, Krishna Mandir is the temple that was built in Shikhara style. In 1637 construction of the Temple of Krishna was finished. After the completion of Krishna mandir,  decade later the King came out victorious when he called for Krishna to defeat his enemies during a war with a neighboring Kingdom. For thanksgiving, in the Sundari Chauk courtyard the king made a copy of the temple.

Like wise this article has cover every stories and myths related with Krishna Mandir so, stay tune with us.

Characteristics Of Krishna Mandir

The temple comprises three floors, facing columns and with a shikhara spire. The characteristic of this temple is commonly portrayed in Nepalese homes on the ornate butter lamps of brass. The first floor enshrines Krishna, the second Shiva (in the form of a linga), and the third Lokeshwor.

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A series of Chhatri pavilions, except in the ground floor, cover the internal ambulatories; eight are situated on both second and third levels in the corners in perpendicular directions, and four ornamental chattris installed on each side of Sikhara are placed on the fourth floor.

Caption:Krishna Mandir View

On the ground floor, five bays are divided into the inner walls of the wrapping gallery with a door at the middle of each façade. The rest of the bays include scenes from the verse of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Krishna Mandir History

King Siddhinarasimh Malla built the temple in 1637. Legends said that, one night King Siddhinarasimh Malla saw Krishna and Radha were stood in front of the royal palace. And then after, he ordered to build a temple at the same place.

That’s why in Krishan Mandir, the central shrine of Krishna is on the first floor with Radha and Rukamani and Shiva and Lokeshwor are devoted to the third level as well as In the sanctuary there are 21 golden spikes.

Ancient Facts Of Krishna Mandir

It is assumed that Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu. In a temple, there is a pictures with Vishnu and Garuda, almost in every part of the temple . Even on the walls of the ground-level there are representations of the 10 avatars of Vishnu.

Furthermore, a separate Garuda Statue is located in front of the temple and mounted on a pillar. It was built about ten years after the temple was built by Siddhi Narasingh Malla.

Caption:Krishna Mandir Top View

Current Situation

The temple was hard-hit by the 2015 earthquake, sustaining structural damage, particularly to its upper floors. It was painstakingly restored by the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT) at the cost of 5.7 million Nepali rupees (~$55,000 USD) and reopened to pilgrims and tourists in 2018.

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