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Hetauda is deemed as the cleanest city of Nepal and it is situated in the Makwanpur district. Hetauda has scenery like a canyon, adorned along with the rare plants and animals. It has one of the modest environment and it is among one of Nepal’s greenest cities of Nepal. Hetauda embraces the Mahabharat range from the north as well as the Siwalik range from the south side. Hetauda is also named after Hidimba, a demon queen who married Bhimsen and who has been mentioned on Mahabharat, according to Hindu mythology.

Hetauda ‘s position is 76 km from the capital, Kathmandu, on the fast road, 132 km from Daman and Tribhuvan and 224 kilometers from Narayangadh, respectively. An additional Kanti Lokpath road will take only 2 hours from Hetauda to Kathmandu in May 2018. The first road is also being built, and the distance between Hetauda and Kathmandu is supposed to be reduced. The journey from Kathmandu to Hetauda via a tunnel path is supposed to only take 57 minutes and only 13 sec.

Sahid Smarak

In the memory of the nation’s martyrs, Sahid Smarak is founded. The main attraction in this location is the statue of the Nepalese leader Madan Kumar Bhandari. In reality, the Nepal Lalit Kala Campus student volunteer finished the sculpture. It consists of a zoo of wildlife, including Lion, Leopard, Tortoise, Wolf, Squirrel and Crocodile, and a variety of endangered species. Sculptures and artwork are all part of the zoo.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

Makawanpur Gadhi

Makawanpur Gadhi is another famous spot in Hetauda. It is thehe fort, on the eastern side of the city. It is historically important because it has been at the center of the reconciliation era in Nepal. There are two castles here, Mool Gadhi and Sanno Gadhi. There are two castles.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

The historic and cultural value of the Sen Dynasty, which is assumed to be the sacred property of Makwanpur, is also maintained. There is also a 25-foot high and 7-foot wall around the fort built to defend the city in ancient times.

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Prominent Rivers Of Hetauda

There many rivers and ponds in Hetauda. Among them Rapti and Karra Khola or river is prominent. Rapti river in the west, and the Karra river in the south. These rivers are important to irrigate Makawanpur’s fertile land.

Karra River

It flows eastwards and westwards. It is one of the most significant East Rapti tributaries. The Triveni Sangam confluence with Kushana Sarowar triveni diham is a major trivenian pilgrimage for the Hindus people in Nepal. The pilgrimage takes place in the center of Hetaudá sub-metropolitan region before drainage into East Rapti along with the Kukhreni, another (lesser) right-wing tributary to eastern Rapti in the outskirts.

Rapti River

The Sub-Himalayan Rapti rivers are distinguished by four main city halls in central Nepal and are situated in the sub-tropical moist climatic climate, which is moist. Therefore, a large Dun Vallée in the Sub-Himalayas (Siwalik Group) gives way to the northeastern area of the long low-gradients Rapti River, creating a traditional piggyback basin in the fold-buckthorn bands.

Hetauda’s Industrial Area

Since the old days, Hetauda is an industrial area of Nepal. Many multinational companies are established in Heatuda. During the Monarchy period, Hetauda had a largest cloth factory, Cement factory of Nepal. But these factories has been closed now. However, it still stand as one of the best places for several companies

There are many industries operated in this place like Uniliver, Hetauda Cement, D.D.C , Sundar Cement, Yeti, Berger and Asian paints, and several soaps, plastic and chemical industries.

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Bhutan Devi

This was the Hindu shrine. Bhutan Devi the wife (One of the Pandavas) of Bhim, and she is the  mother of Ghatotkacha. Butandevi is a different form of Durga goddess. The temple is   Located in the town of Hetauda, Makwanpur district of Nepal, on Butandevi Road 10.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

The Hetauda Bus Park. the Butandevi Temple is about 15 minutes walk away. The temple was built on the ideals of Vastu and worshiping the goddess is thought to allow us to prevail over severe troubles, difficulties and anxiety.

Pathivara Devi Temple

Pathivara Devi temple is situated in the hilly Hetauda area. It is also the holiest location of the devotees of Hindu people who worship Devi. In addition, walking is another pleasant aspect of the town.

Best Places To Visit In Hetauda

Visitors will admire the natural wonders of the Mahabharat area on their trek to the temple. This is a very tidy and quiet place around the Pathivara Devi Temple. The top scenery also offers you Hetauda’s best shot. Temple.

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